Here Is The Best Gift Guide For Your Food Obsessed Friends And Family

It’s that time of year where we all have to open our wallets and give friends and family that perfect gift. Some people are easier to shop for than others, but what about those hard-to-shop-for friends? We have you covered. Here are 13 things you can buy your bestie who might be a little obsessed with food.

It’s never the wrong time to buy and wear concha ears.

DeAztlanDesign / Etsy

And the lotéria bow is just icing on the cake. #RelevantAF

Speaking of conchas, why not give all pan dulces a chance to shine via this bracelet.

SweetCraftJewelrySA / Etsy


For that fiesty bestie in your life, why not this chili necklace?

SofiasGarden / Etsy

All those beautiful colors in one place. God. Is. Real.

Tamales don’t just belong in the freezer for a year.

SweetCraftJewelrySA / Etsy

Pretty sure this is what they call wearable art.

Pizza BFF necklaces really make the Selena squad complete.

lotusfairy / Etsy

Yes. It is a medium pizza. ?

Avocado necklace? ¡Claro que sí!

fwirl / Etsy

What a time to be alive.

How about these precious cafecito earrings for that Cubana in your life.

TheSausage / Etsy

You say coffee; Cubans say fuel.

Are these earrings tostones ? on ? a ? plate?

ArtLeendaNYC / Etsy

Yes. That is exactly what they are.

There are even these adorbs earrings for that friend who is always partying.

SilverLeafShop / Etsy

Tbh, this is something you could probably just make at home, but who has the time?

There’s legit never a wrong way to wear a taco.

NeatEats / Etsy

Yes, we said wear.

Make sure your boo looks extra fancy with this Tapatío lapel pin.

DeAztlanDesign / Etsy

We all know the American flag is a great default, but why not spice it up? *laughs at own joke*

These are just for that super extra elote fan in your life.

ObsessoriesLA / Etsy

*buys for myself*

But you can really go the extra mile with this rice and bean earring set.

cassietarr / Etsy

Oh…Em…Geee! ? ?

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