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Takis vs. Flamin’ Hot Cheetos

Which Chip Takes the Cake?

It’s the age old question that has puzzled mankind for centuries: Takis or Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, man? Our judges snack their way to the bottom of this age-old riddle and choose a crunchy champion. Plus: Check out the Latina who has never tried either snack…wait how is that possible?

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When You’re the Only One In Your Group Who Can’t Stand the Spice

food and drink

When You’re the Only One In Your Group Who Can’t Stand the Spice

…Because everyone assumes you like it spicy since you’re Latino.

You tell your friends you don’t like chile and they act like…

Credit: Mean Girls / Paramount Pictures / awanggang / Tumblr

Like the f*cking world is ending.

They take such offense.

Credit: Crazy Stupid Love / Carrousel Productions / gifsnthangs / Tumblr

WTF? It’s not personal.

Then they question your authenticity… But you’re Mexican.

Credit: penybrooks17 / Tumblr


You’re literally the worst Mexican ever.

Credit: MTV / blog.giphy / Tumblr

Ha! I’m not even Mexican.

How do you not like chile?!

Credit: thesepenguinsaremadetohug / Tumblr

And they give you the sad eyes to convince you it’s sooooo good ?.

You’re such a pansy… Or a personal fave: grow some.

Credit: alexmuntean / Tumblr

Because eating that is going to make me stronger?

Then there are others who tell you it’s not spicy, “You’ll be fine.”

Credit: mebmebmeb / YouTube

Literally, my mouth is on ?.

When they know the only only Mexican candy you can handle is Mazapán.

Credit: Bring It On All Or Nothing / ariadne-mk / Tumblr

Those aren’t real friends.

Even the waiter at a restaurant chuckles because you ask for the mild sauce.

Credit: mitú / Facebook

And you’re trying to hold back the tears.

Even mom gangs up on you because she says, ni pareces mi hijo.

Credit: Oprah / ABC / georgetakei / Tumblr


Credit: mitú / Facebook

She knows you can’t stand the heat.

The worst is when your hero betrays you: el elotero.

Credit: Mean Girls / suicideloner / Tumblr

He asks si lo quieres con el chile que pico o con el que no pica ?. Crushed.

But there’s no need to respond because you know tomorrow everyone will be regretting their choices.

Credit: Glee / FOX / professornatashavanlis / Tumblr

One word, gastritis ?.

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