Fashion Items to Show Off Your True Love for Tacos

There’s a flavor and salsa topping for every type of person – some like it hot, some like it mild. No matter what type of taco fan you are — carne asada, tripa, lengua or al pastor — we can all agree that our love for tacos goes far beyond the plate.

CREDIT: AllRecipesUK|Ireland / YouTube via Giphy

1. For when you’re trying to send a message to your man. ?


2. For when a rock just won’t cut it.

3. For the moment you want to show you are captain of Team Tacos.

4. These two chains keep it real.

5. Perfect for when you want to look dapper while you’re waiting for the pork to marinate.

6. On your watch… It’s (always) taco time!

7. Because tacos will never leave you feeling cold on the walk home from dinner.

8. Tacos will never cause you to have a hole in your heart, unlike old socks.

9. When you want to keep it real.