9 Thoughts Mexicans Had While Watching The Super Bowl

Most people watch the Super Bowl for the overrated commercials. We watch to slay the internet with these memes that speak to us.

This is what Bronco vs. Panthers looks like to us.

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Weren’t you talking about them?

Because what Mexican doesn’t remember these guys?

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That hashtag though.

Guadalupe Esparza, the real MVP.

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Von Miller who?

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But it wasn’t all about Bronco. Walter Mercado also made a meme cameo.

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Mom immediately stopped what she was doing.

And every Mexican immediately related to Queen Bey.

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?I got hot sauce in my bag. Swag.?

Same, queen, same.

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And while everyone thought Beyoncé was paying homage to Michael Jackson with her outfit, we only saw Zapata.

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This was the only reason Mexicans celebrated their win.

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And those who were going for the panteras Panthers, felt a little like this…

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Only Chente can make a grown man cry.

At the end of the day, this is the only championship we care about.


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¡Y arriba las Chivas ?❤️!

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