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The Power in Loving Your Naked Body


Let Everything Wash Away

Nathalie Kelley, Hollywood’s next It Girl, knows she has to keep herself centered so she doesn’t “lose it” in her line of work. She also knows she’s in the center of all the body-shaming messaging that girls receive and needs to work against it.

As part of StylelikeU’s project “What’s Underneath,” Nathalie talks about how she deals with some of her insecurities on a daily basis, like how she is too Australian some days and way too Latina others. And even with her obvious beauty, she deals with the same rejection and body-shaming others, like Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez, have faced. “To be brutally honest,” she says, “I’ll acknowledge the fact that I’m scared of getting older and fading.”

By the 7:36 marker, Nathalie tells us exactly how she deals with haters…two big F Us.

It wasn’t easy getting to that place of strength. Nathalie has had to come to terms with her body and overcome her sense of shame after being sexually molested as a child. She eventually found her peace at the age of 18 after crawling into the water at the secluded shores of Peru. “I will just never forget that moment in the water, on beach, in Peru, in the country that I was born.”

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The Terrifying Real-Life Story of the Mexican Serial Killer Called 'La Mataviejitas'


The Terrifying Real-Life Story of the Mexican Serial Killer Called ‘La Mataviejitas’

Juana Barraza was a Mexican pro wrestler. What she did after she hung up her mask is terrifying. You’ve heard plenty of La Llorona and El Cucuy stories over the years, but the story of La Mataviejitas is just as scary – and it’s REAL. Forget what you know about evil…

Meet Juana Barraza of Mexico.


This woman is NOT your typical lady next door.

She used to be a pro wrestler named La Dama del Silencio.

She was ruthless in the ring… and it continued after she retired.

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She was also convicted of murdering 17 elderly women in Mexico.


Which earned her a new name: “La Mataviejitas”

Credit: memeatwork / Tumblr

Yep, the Little Old Lady Killer.

Why’d she do it? Barraza says it was her way of  releasing pent up anger.

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 11.42.48 AM

Barraza said she was full of anger after her an alcoholic mother gave her away to men when she was only 12.

Barazza’s victims were all women who were 60 years old or older.

Credit: Netflix / aazhk / Tumblr

Remember to give abuelita an extra kiss and hug next time you see her.

She would gain their trust by helping them with groceries or posing as a nurse.

Because elderly women trusting older ladies is just how life works and she was able to exploit that trust.

Her preferred method of killing was to strangle her victims to death.

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 11.50.18 AM

She would carry phone cables, stethoscopes and anything else she could use to strangle her victims.

Barraza’s killing spree began in the late ’90s, but police were having a hard time finding her.


That is until people began reporting that they saw a man dressed as a woman fleeing the crime scenes. This tip eventually led to her arrest and imprisonment.

She was finally arrested in 2006 and tried for the murders two years later.

She was found guilty of the murders and was given a sentence of 759 years in prison. She only admitted to killing one victim, her last, since she was caught red handed.

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Although she was convicted of 17 murders, there’s estimates that she actually murdered 24 to 49 women… Let that sink in.

Credit: paflavie / Tumblr

Her peculiar story made her a household name throughout Mexico.

Now, her infamy is being captured forever through some works of art.

But the question is, how long until parents start using La Mataviejitas to scare their children like they do with El Cucuy?

But being behind bars hasn’t stopped her from living a full life.

Credit: ElUniversalTV / YouTube

Earlier this year, she got married to a fellow inmate.

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