Struggles Of Moving Back Home Every Latino Understands

So, you’re one of the ones that left the nest, huh? That’s cool, so did I. I lived in Brooklyn and paid $9823759 a month for a 10×10 room – and I had zero regrets (that I’ll talk about later). I decided to leave NYC and move back home to Miami where I quickly learned what moving back home means…

You’ll experience round 2 of the guilt trip you got when you decided to leave.

Then they’ll be so happy and spoil you to death.

They might just fix up your old room again.

…But then, reality sets in.

Oh, you know they were waiting for this to happen!

Going out past 9:00 p.m. is met with many, many concerns.

“But it’s so late!” “Who are you going with?” “Do you really want to leave now?” “How will I sleep knowing you’re out so late?”

You will become internal IT support.

Your dating life is Netflix & Chill…by yourself.

You will have to come up with a codeword for those Tinder dates.

You won’t have any control over the dinner menu.

You’ll have absolutely. No. Privacy.

Oh, and every outfit will be judged. Actually, everything will be judged. But what did you really expect?

You’ll receive many passive-aggressive texts about everything you didn’t do around the house.

Then they’ll say the words you never thought you’d hear when they say they’ll be happy when you move out…

But, this is only temporary, right?

Did you move back home after college or in your ~transition period? Was it a nightmare or kind of awesome? Let us know!

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