11 Reasons being the Middle Child Rules

There are so many stigmas attached to being the middle child, but it’s really not that bad. Here’s why…

You’re not the family guinea pig.

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Your parents were no longer newbies when you came around, so you didn’t have to go through all their weird experimental parenting tactics. Phew!

You learned from your older sister’s f*ckups.


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You know better than to get back with your ex boyfriend, you knew which AP classes to take, and you know 7-Up and spicy pizza eases your hangovers.

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You never get dragged into family drama.

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When your parents argue, they always turn to your older sibling to pick a side. Aren’t you glad you dodged that bullet?

You don’t have to play mom.

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Planning birthday dinners, deciding where the next family vacation should be… older sister, that’s aaalllll you.

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You’re strong and independent.

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…because no one really paid attention, and now you rule.

Distant family members don’t remember your name.


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Hallelujah. Last thing you want is tía Conchita asking you a million questions at your family reunion about where you’ve been, what happened to your ex boyfriend and at what age you plan on getting married – like she does with your sisters.

You have more freedom.


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Being ignored is a blessing. You weren’t expected to stay at home to help mom with your younger siblings, so you got to do whatever you wanted.

Your older sibling is like a second parent, but cooler.


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Their advice makes more sense than your parents’, they spoil you without smothering you and they take you to all the cool spots they go to.

You have access to a sick closet.


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You get away with your rebellious nature.


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That piercings your older sister wanted but didn’t get because mom was stricter on her… guess who got them?

You have an entire day dedicated to you.


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Your other siblings can’t say the same, can they?

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