Photos that Perfectly Sum Up Every Latino Situation

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Life would be so much easier if someone handed us these…

This would mend every broken heart across Latin America.

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Can’t forget that upside down San Antonio.

When you’re ready to rebound from your breakup…

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All you need is a little Pitbull in your life… y ¡dale!

This is all you need to stay warm these next few months.

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That San Marcos… So cozy?.

And when you get sick…


Credit: @es_que_mee / Instagram

Nothing to help you get over your cold like Vaporú y un buen caldo.

When you’re searching for something in the fridge.

The one all our moms wish we had.


Credit: @1.60934km / Instagram

Jesús is the homie.

The one that explains the ONLY reason we let mom force us to go to church on Sundays.


Those elotes ?.

When you’re getting your maletas ready to visit fam.

Credit: @alfredrobles / Instagram

We don’t use maletas, we use boxes.

For that tía who wants to lose her lonjas.

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The faja is the answer to all your problems.

Mexican mom must-have.

Credit: que-cooltura / Tumblr

Sin faltar la telenovela.

Pa, this one’s for you.


Credit: __mexican__for__life__ / Instagram

He’d probably swap those Coronas for a bottle of Cazadores, tbh.

And for all our hard working dads that we’re so proud of…

Lol I can relate! #corona #meme #starterpack

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Those boots were made for grinding.

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Here are 3 Perfect Selena Lyrics for Your Breakup Posts and 12 More for Other Situations


Here are 3 Perfect Selena Lyrics for Your Breakup Posts and 12 More for Other Situations

Struggling to perfectly caption your latest Instagram post? Selena is here with her beautiful words to give you the perfect line for all types of posts, from TBTs to relationships.

Selena Breakup
Credit: @xschroeder / Instagram

1. Como la flor con tanto amor me diste tú, se marchitó. Me marcho hoy, yo sé perder 

2. ¿Qué creías, qué ibas a regresar y me ibas a encontrar contenta al recibirte?

3. No me vuelvas a llamar, tratando de explicar, que lo que vi no era cierto.

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Selena Inspirational
Credit: @mariohemmings / Instagram

4. I’ll be dreaming of you tonight, ’till tomorrow I’ll be holding you tight.

5. Y cuando al fin estemos juntos, los dos no importa qué dirá, también la sociedad.

6. Pero hoy por fin me he decidido de veras todo mi amor a confesarle.

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Selena Love
Credit: @selena_quintanilaa_1604 / Instagram

7. ‘Cause I could take you in my arms and never let go.

8. Didn’t think that a love could mean that much, but you’ve sure changed my mind with your touch.

9. Enamorada de ti yo estoy. Tu me vuelves loca, loca de pasión.

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Selena TBT
Credit: @queentanilla / Instagram

10. I feel so all alone when I don’t have you near, but I often think of the happy times we spent together.

11. Tengo un recuerdo de ti que siempre me hace tan feliz.

12. Y por quererte olvidar, me tiro a la borrachera y a la perdicion.

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Selena Partying
Credit: @brittaniskyee / Instagram

13. Baila, baila esta cumbia, mueve, mueve la cintura.

14. Cuando escucho esta canción mi corazón quiere cantar así.

15. Baila, baila sin parar, no hay tiempo para descansar.

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