Spanish Words that Have No English Translation

Spanish is a beautiful language, but sadly there aren’t translations for these words to do them justice…


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It’s when you wake up from a nap and you’re cranky because you didn’t have enough sleep. This word needs to be in every language.


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You went out the night before and you’re too tired to function. Not the same as hungover.


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It’s the only way to describe this one.


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There are so many meanings for this word, English needs a word as diverse as this. Neta, no?



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Not that kind of fart, but what’s up? What’s your problem? But it sounds so much more hood.


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It’s so much worse when you say stank in Spanish. No one wants to be called this.


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The word chubby is the closest translation, but still doesn’t cut it. Plus, say it out loud and see how cute it sounds.


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When you got a beating. It’s literally the only word that sounds cool when you describe the whaming you got.


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Someone who is sooooo this ?.


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Mom told you not to get involved in mitotes and it always sounded so aggressive when she said it.

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