Songs We Heard at Every Baptism, Quince, Wedding, Sometimes Even Funerals

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Most of these made us cringe, but we danced to them anyway.

El Gato Volador

Credit: ElizabethBDN / YouTube

Gato volador? Let’s admit we were all confused and had no idea what this song was about, but don’t lie, some of us actually tried to test if our cat knew how to fly.

La Vaca Mu

Credit: Tropicumbiagrupera / YouTube

White people have Old McDonald’s Had a Farm, we have this ?.

Mayonesa – Chocolate

Credit: Martin Illichenco / YouTube

This is the weirdest food song to ever dance to. We remember thinking, “oh, so this is how mayonaise is made.” Who needs Food Network?

El Venao

Credit: Los Cantantes / YouTube

We didn’t know what the song was about or any lyric other than “el venao” and we only looked forward to doing the hand motion to it. Also, this is probably the most uplifting song about cheating.

El Caballo Dorado

Credit: Mattyass Barrios / YouTube

We have no idea how an American country song would be such a hit in Latino culture. But it’s pretty funny watching your tío trying to dance to this after a few tequilitas.

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El Baile del Sapito

Credit: Gabriel Caldeira / YouTube

They played this at the end of every kid’s party, but it was always the moms who were the only ones on the dance floor. Plus, any song that tells you how to do the dance is always a wedding classic.

El Bail del Beeper

Credit: Danisensation96 / YouTube

It was so repetitive, but SO good. We ran when we heard this song.

El Baile del Perrito

Credit: viejoteca tropical bailable / YouTube

Some of us thought it was a cute song until we grew up and realized it might’ve been a song about a sexual position, yet mom would always push us to the dance floor like “ve baila, no seas ranchera.”

Sopa de Caracól

Credit: La Sonora Dinamita – FanClub / YouTube

This is kind of like the Latino anthem. Even though we grew up here, we learned this dance in elementary – and thank goodness, because we danced this at every party we went to.

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Credit: musicabest1 / YouTube

This was the perfect song for young women: cute men, a good cumbia and chocolate. ¡A bailar!

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New York's Pizza Rat Has Nothing on Brazil's Drug-Smuggling Prison Rat


New York’s Pizza Rat Has Nothing on Brazil’s Drug-Smuggling Prison Rat

Remember New York’s “Pizza Rat”?

Credit: Matt Little / YouTube

This little rodent was living the NYC dream… just carrying a slice of pizza while it made its way down to the subway.

Well, this rat has been living an entirely different reality.

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 4.41.07 PM

No pizza. No fast, convenient public transportation.

This rat was SMUGGLING DRUGS in a Brazilian jail. Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 4.41.15 PM

Inmates in the Barra da Grota prison in Recife, Brazil trained the rat to go from one cell to another carrying drugs. According to El Mundo, the rat was equipped with a small hook tied to its tail that carried tiny bags of drugs. After realizing the rat was pushing weight, guards discovered 29 small packets of marijuana and 23 packets of cocaine in the prison.

Sounds outrageous until you see how well-behaved this rat is…


You’re probably thinking, “That is SO fake. It doesn’t even move.” Think again:


After being detained by prison guards, the rat was not charged with any crimes.  It was released outside of the jail and given an opportunity to live its life on the straight and narrow.

Good luck, Mr. Rat…


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