11 Songs That Sing Praises To Us Morenitas

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There are an endless number of songs worshiping the blond and blue-eyed. And while we love our light-haired comadres, we decided brown-eyed beauties were just as deserving of some crooning devotion. Here’s a playlist just for you.

“La Gloria Eres Tú” by Luis Miguel


De esos ojazos negros / De un raro fulgor / Que me dominan / E incitan al amor

Not many can control or dominate Luis Miguel, but if you have dark eyes, you’re a step closer.

“La Negra Tiene Tumbado” by Celia Cruz


Esa negrita que va caminando / Esa negrita tiene su tumbao / Y cuando la gente la va mirando / Ella baila de lao va bien apretao apretao apretao / La negra tiene tumbao

Who better to say that dark Latinas have it going on than Celia Cruz herself? Because we all have that tumbao. Yes, yes, yasss!

“Cielito Lindo” by Quirino Mondoza y Cortés


De la sierra, morena / Cielito lindo vienen bajando / Un par de ojitos negros / Cielito lindo de contrabando

Dark eyes never sounded prettier ?✨.

“Morena Mía” by Miguel Bosé


Morena mía/ Voy a contarte hasta diez / Uno es el sol que te alumbra / Dos tus piernas que mandan / Somos tres en tu cama, tres / Morena mía

Miguel Bosé loves morenas…who doesn’t?

“Ojos Así” by Shakira


Y conoci tus ojos negros / Ya he ya he ya la he / Y ahora si que no / Puedo vivir sin ellos yo / Le pido al cielo solo un deseo / Que en tus ojos yo pueda vivir

Shakira’s taste for dark eyes is sooooo on point.

“Morena” by Carlos Ponce


Oye morena tu boca me seduce / Miro tus curvas y pongo luz de cruce / Mueves tu cuerpo y me pongo de cabeza / Que sube, que baja, Diosito que belleza

Yes, morenas are gorgeous and know how to move it.

“Piel Morena” by Thalía


Eres piel morena / Canto de pasión y arena / Eres piel morena / Noche bajo las estrellas / Eres piel morena / Playa, sol y palmeras / Eres piel morena / Sueño de mi primavera

Oh yeah… We are all that and then some.

“Esa Morena” by Ozomatli


Naciste tierna mujer / Animas a todo el pueblo / Tú creciste muy orgullosa / Por tu raíz y ti tú historia

Although Ozomatli doesn’t say it straight out, this song is clearly an ode to the beautiful morenitas. Thank you.

“Negrita Linda” by Willie Rosario

CREDIT: OITNB / Netflix / jesuisuninsoumis / TMBLR

Tu colorcito tu piel morena / se ve bonito a la luz del día / bajo tu rostro de piel canela / que es el color de la madre mía

This song just perfectly describes the essence of dark skin: bright and cinnamony under the daylight.

“Mujer Latina” by Thalía


Vengo de raza y de palmera / De campo y de labriego / De caña y de madera / Mi orgullo es ser latina / De mar y cordillera / Ardiente como el fuego / Soy sangre de mi tierra

Thalía’s not exactly a dark Latina, but she know’s who’s got it going on.

“Baila Morena” by Julio Iglesias


Tiene cosas de blanca / Tiene cosas de negra / Tiene cosas de india / Bonita mezcla que da esta tierra / Baila morena, baila / Que tú lo bailas como ninguna / Moviendo las caderas / Moviendo la cintura

This summarizes exactly what a Latina is: parts white, parts black, parts Indian and unlike anyone else.

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Here Are 7 Latino Superheroes (Or Villains) You Should Know


Here Are 7 Latino Superheroes (Or Villains) You Should Know


Comic book superheroes are everywhere. Seriously, anywhere you turn…up high on billboards, in the middle of Times Square, on your IG feed you’re bound to see a masked crusader. And did you know some of these fictional characters fighting for (or against) justice are Latino? No?! Well lucky for you, we’ve compiled this quick, handy primer to get you up to speed.

America Chavez

Chavez, or Miss America, is a LGBTQ Latina with superhuman strength that can fight. She’s also from a different dimension — Utopian Parallel, to be more specific — so it’s nice to know that Latinos exist in parallel universes. Miss America is a member of the Ultimates.

Blue Beetle / Jaime Reyes

A Mexican-American teen from El Paso, Texas, Jaime Reyes became the third Blue Beetle after an alien scarab fused with his body, giving him that kickass exoskeleton. Reyes was inducted into the Teen Titans and was even featured on “Smallville” — yay! —  where he was played by non-Latino Canadian actor Jaren Brandt Bartlett — womp womp.

White Tiger

Of the five White Tigers that have existed, three of them were Latino and they were all related. The OG White Tiger was Hector Ayala, who became Marvel’s first Latino superhero when he was introduced in 1975. After his death, his niece Angela Del Toro took over the role. The latest White Tiger is Ava Ayala, Hector’s youngest sister. As noted on the tweet above, and if we’re lucky, there’s a maybe a chance that we’ll see Angela Del Toro’s version in season 2 of Netflix’s original series, “Jessica Jones.”

Kyle Rayner

You might not know it from his name, but the last Green Lantern (who later became the White Lantern after mastering all seven lantern rings, depicted above) is actually Latino. His father was Aaron Rayner, which was an alias for Mexican-American CIA agent Gabriel Vazquez.


The supervillain, best known for breaking Batman’s back, was born inside a prison on Santa Prisca. Technically, Santa Prisca is a fictional Latin American island in the Caribbean, but we’re going to claim him as one of our own because 1) he’s a badass (again, he broke Batman’s back) and 2) it’s comic books we’re talking about; nothing is real!

Miles Morales

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⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀{Short Open To} Miles sat on the far side of the table with Kate on his left, Ganke on his right, and in front of him a big, juicy, Thanksgiving Turkey. ⠀⠀⠀⠀"Lets carve this thing, I'm starved!" Mikes said with a joking tone. [Shouldn't we say a few things first?] Kate said. "I guess but….wait…do you hear that." {Miles, it's your phone.} "Oh" Miles checked his phone and got a news alert. There was a bomb planted In the bank. "Crap, sorry….bad language, but I have to go, there is a bomb planted in the bank." [You are not doing this right now……please tell me this is a joke!!!] "Sorry!" And with that Miles ran out of the room and swung into the city streets. He landed on a building and put his suit on. Miles then leaped off the building and landed in front of the Bank. As Miles looked inside the bank, he saw someone there, It was you.

A post shared by Miles Morales (@miles_morales_unlimited) on

In 2011, a lot of people were upset that Marvel killed off Peter Parker in “The Ultimate Spider-Man.” Even more people were upset when he was replaced with Miles Morales, an Afro-Latino from New York City. Sorry, folks, but Miles Morales is a badass and is here to stay. Deal with it.

Victor Mancha

Victor Mancha is Donald Trump’s biggest nightmare: the child of supervillain Ultron and Marianella Mancha, an ex-drug mule from Mexico. The half-Mexican cyborg has superhuman strength, is highly intelligent and can manipulate electromagnetic fields. Originally a sleeper agent programmed to destroy the Avengers, Victor became a good guy after watching Ultron kills Marianella before his very eyes. He’s a member of The Runaways.

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