Watch Sofía Vergara Answer Questions From The US Citizenship Test


Sofia Vergara sat down with Net-A-Porter and talked about her experience taking the US citizenship test.

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 12.29.12 PM
Credit: NET-A-PORTER / YouTube

Even in a tank top she looks #flawless. How?! ?

It started well with a humble brag of scoring “100 percent” on her citizenship test.

Humble Brag
Credit: NET-A-PORTER / YouTube

PLAY: QUIZ: Think You Can Ace the U.S. Citizenship Test?

And she bragged about having gone to the White House and meeting the president.

Met The President
Credit: NET-A-PORTER / YouTube

So, how much did she remember?

Here’s her answer to naming the US national anthem.

Credit: NET-A-PORTER / YouTube

How is she so adorable even when she is confused and cussing?

But then she remembered what it was: “It’s called the Star-Spangled Banner.”

Credit: NET-A-PORTER / YouTube

Whatever, indeed. Anything you say Sofia.

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Then she got to talk about bandeja paisa and we all remembered why we love the Colombian bombshell.

Rice, Beans, Egg, Chicharron
Credit: NET-A-PORTER / YouTube

“It’s rice, beans, egg, chicharrón, which is fried pork,” Vergara said.

What can’t she do? Cook.

Can't Cook
Credit: NET-A-PORTER / YouTube

“If I was going to make it I would be in very big trouble because I don’t know how to cook,” Vergara confessed with a perfect smile.

Watch the full challenge below:

Credit: NET-A-PORTER / YouTube

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The Latino Parent Sex Talk: Don’t Have Sex


The Latino Parent Sex Talk: Don’t Have Sex

For the most part, Latino parents still believe terror, guilt and avoidance are the best contraceptives. Instead of having real, useful — and yes, often uncomfortable — sex talks, our parents have chosen to use one liners as their sex-ed manual. We regret to report most of it has failed miserably.

La intimidad es para el matrimonio.


If you remain single you’re pretty much f*cked. (No, no pun intended.)

Sex is disgusting y el diablo es puerco.


Yeah, we all know the devil created the greatest pleasures. ?

You don’t want everyone saying you’re fácil.

giphy (1)

Which is why I don’t tell anyone.

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Dios no aprueba eso.


Added to the long list of things He doesn’t approve.

You’ll end up pregnant. Or dead.


Then I must be infertile.

Si tienes sexo, you’ll ruin the rest of your life.


We know what you mean. Flash news: Condoms exist.

Vas a deshonrar a la familia.


I wasn’t planing on inviting any of you.

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If you have sex, tu papá will die.


I saw him this morning, he’s looked alive and well.

Virginity es el regalo más preciado you can give your future husband.


Damn I wasted ALL this time building a strong character, a high work ethic, sense of faithfulness and independence for NOTHING?

Anita got pregnant, menos mal que tu, mija, eres virgen.


It’s kinda cute how moms can be so naive.

We don’t talk about those things in this house.


Of course we don’t. Anita’s family didn’t either.

Share if this is how the sex talk went at home. 

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