9 Lies You Don’t Count As Lies, But Still Tell Your BFF

We’re not dishonest, we just know a little white lie doesn’t hurt.

1. Yeah, I’ll be there.

Credit: Clueless / Paramount Pictures

You know damn well you’re not waking up at 6 a.m. on a Saturday to join her Zumba class.

2. Ya mero llego.

Every time. Without fail. But doesn’t she know you run on a Latino clock?

3. Te ves divina ya vámonos.

4. Uh-huh.

5. Eres mi mejor amiga.

6. It’s fat-free, calorie-free, sodium-free, carb-free… Eat up!

Credit: Flawless / Columbia Records

Because you don’t want to be the only fatty. ?

7. Mmmm qué rico!

Credit: That’s So Raven / Disney

Los tamales están medios crudos, but it’s her first attempt. You can’t crush her. Think of this as motivating her to improve by trial and error. Eventually someone else will let her know…

8. He’s good looking.


Love really is blind. And she’s in love.

9. Sí, luego te lo presto.

Credit: Brady Bunch / ABC

She’s the sloppy friend. You love her to death, but there’s absolutely no way you’re going to let her wear your dress out and risk getting grease stains on it.

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