9 Lies You Don’t Count As Lies, But Still Tell Your BFF

We’re not dishonest, we just know a little white lie doesn’t hurt.

1. Yeah, I’ll be there.

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You know damn well you’re not waking up at 6 a.m. on a Saturday to join her Zumba class.

2. Ya mero llego.

Every time. Without fail. But doesn’t she know you run on a Latino clock?

3. Te ves divina ya vámonos.

4. Uh-huh.

5. Eres mi mejor amiga.

6. It’s fat-free, calorie-free, sodium-free, carb-free… Eat up!

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Because you don’t want to be the only fatty. ?

7. Mmmm qué rico!

Credit: That’s So Raven / Disney

Los tamales están medios crudos, but it’s her first attempt. You can’t crush her. Think of this as motivating her to improve by trial and error. Eventually someone else will let her know…

8. He’s good looking.

Love really is blind. And she’s in love.

9. Sí, luego te lo presto.

Credit: Brady Bunch / ABC

She’s the sloppy friend. You love her to death, but there’s absolutely no way you’re going to let her wear your dress out and risk getting grease stains on it.

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These Two Friends Shaved Their Heads To Look Like Avocados And Were Awarded With A Year’s Supply Of Avocados And More


These Two Friends Shaved Their Heads To Look Like Avocados And Were Awarded With A Year’s Supply Of Avocados And More

“This is the craziest thing I’ve ever done.”

Just three days before the Super Bowl, “Avocados from Mexico” decided to challenge people’s love for avocados and football with a daring friendship test.

A couple of people from Philadelphia were selected for this test. They would have to shave their heads into the form of an avocado. To be specific, they would have to shave a circle at the top of their head and dye that shaved circle brown, to resemble the pit of the avocado. And the rest of their hair would have to be dyed green, to resemble the body of the avocado.

If these people were up for the challenge, they would be awarded with not only a year’s supply of avocados, but with two tickets to the Super Bowl game. However, there was a catch. They each had to convince a friend of theirs to shave their heads to resemble an avocado as well. They were not allowed to tell them that one of the rewards was a pair of tickets to the Super Bowl game. Hence, they’d assume that the only prize they would be given if they completed this challenge was a year’s supply of avocados.

So question was, what were their friends willing to do for a year’s supply of avocados? Even though some of their friends claimed they would do absolutely anything for a year’s supply of avocados, once they found out that they would have to shave their heads, they immediately hesitated and dropped out of the challenge. But then one pair of friends finally agreed to the challenge. It was Sofie Salgado and her BFF who were up for the challenge and made their way to the hair salon for their avocado makeover.

After the avocado makeover, Sofie’s friend was handed over a white envelope, which she probably thought had a certificate that said “You get a year’s supply of free avocados.” But once she opened the envelope and discovered the Super Bowl tickets, she broke down in tears of joy and gave her friend a big hug.

Sofie thanked her friend for taking this risk and shaving her head with her, saying, “Thank you for trusting me. Thank you for being an avocado with me.” And the best part is that this avocado makeover is only temporary. Their hair will grow back soon enough and they’ll be able to look back and laugh at the time they shaved their heads into avocados and went to the Super Bowl together. ??

They both seem pretty happy with their choice.


A post shared by Sofie Salgado (@sofieschoice) on

This is what you call true friendship.

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Here’s When Your Relationship With Your Bestie Becomes Dangerous


Here’s When Your Relationship With Your Bestie Becomes Dangerous

No matter how many close friends you have, there’s one friend in particular who’s the closest. She’s been your #1 amiga since foreverrrrrr. She’s your backbone, the laughter behind all your inside jokes, and your partner in crime ?. This is what your friendship is like after knowing each other for many, many years.

You both know each other’s entire family.


Posted by Danny Barbosa on Monday, April 25, 2016

You’re pretty much the adopted daughter in your best friend’s family, which is why they call you mija instead of your real name. There’s no question that your mom has your best friend’s phone number and has no problem calling her at 1 a.m. when you’ve stayed past your curfew.

You’re always at each other’s family parties.


Which makes family parties more fun, because you have someone to turn up with.?

You both know the other’s ENTIRE dating history.


She knows about all the dumb mistakes you’ve made and she warns you every time you’re about to make another bad decision.

Whenever someone says your best friend is “shy,” you just laugh because you know her wild side.


Shy… HA. If only they knew.

You also know the things you can’t admit you like.?


But of course that remains a secret between the two of you…?

You know you’re real friends because you can trade insults jokingly without getting upset.


It wouldn’t be a true friendship if you two didn’t clown on each other every other minute or so.

And since you know everything about each other, you never fail to give the coolest birthday gifts.??


Which is why you get most excited about opening up gifts your bestie gave you.

You know each other’s favorite food.???

LMFAOOOO !! FOLLOW My Instagram: Thatkid_DvNNy

Posted by Danny Barbosa on Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Which makes sense, since 99% of the time you spend together, you’re eating.

You even have your own language.


A post shared by Danny Barbosa (@thatkid_dvnny) on

Because you’re not best friends if you don’t have secret codes.

Over time, you two have gotten wayyy too comfortable with each other.

Ya two be comfortable as hell with each other lmfaoooo

Posted by Danny Barbosa on Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Maybe a little TOO comfortable.

Most importantly, you have each other’s backs no matter the situation.


Posted by Danny Barbosa on Sunday, July 10, 2016

Your bestie is just one phone call away.

Since you’ve been friends for so long, you just can’t stay mad about little arguments.

At the end of the day, you two will get over it and solve the problem. Because let’s be real, who else are you going to talk to when you have juicy chisme or need advice?

You two really are best friends FOREVER. You know too much about each other at this point to break up.


Posted by Danny Barbosa on Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Breaking up as BFF’s would be dangerous, so might as well prepare to spend your entire life together.

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