9 Telltale Signs You’re In A Three-Way Relationship

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There are many great things about being in a relationship including all the great things in your boyfriends life that become a part of yours. Amongst those many things is his awesome compadre that becomes like a brother or another boyfriend to you. You know your boyfriends compa is now your boyfriend too when:

It’s hard to tell who is dating whom.

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You only signed up to deal with one man…not two.

You can’t remember the last time it was “Table for 2!”

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A romantic night out is but a distant memory.

You’re three-way partners in crime team

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Guess sometimes his BFF can be helpful.

He’s in all your vacation pics.

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What’s a romantic getaway anyways?

Your halloween costumes are in synch.

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It’s cool, you never really wanted to be El Chavo del 8 and La Chilindrina or Diego and Frida.

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He knows what you look like first thing in the morning.

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I mean, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

Even your abuelita asks how he’s doing.

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Thanks for trying abuela.

You let your guard down around him.

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Because you’ve given up on the notion of “a couple.”

He knows your intimate secrets.

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But you also know his…he better watch out.

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9 Excuses For Not Voting... That Won't Fly Anymore


9 Excuses For Not Voting… That Won’t Fly Anymore

Credit: @lta_vcu / Instagram

There are over 12.2 million Latinos that are not registered to vote. That means 12.2 million Latino voices have been put on mute because someone else has decided their future for them.

Lame people have a million excuses for not registering to vote, but they’re all bullsh*t now.

Credit: María la del Barrio / Televisa / Caffeinepapi / Tumblr

No more excuses. Muahahahaha! ?

Because with the new mitú LatinosVote (yes, without the space) registration app, none of the following excuses are valid…

Credit: joshmazzeo / Tumblr

1. I don’t have time.

Credit: nycsugarqueen / Tumblr

When creating the app, mitú founder Beatriz Acevedo made sure registering would be made fast and easy. “We could not have made registering to vote easier! In less time than you heat up a tamal, unwrap it and eat it, you can download the app and register to vote!”  Yassss, queen! ??

2. It’s complicated.

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This isn’t your Facebook relationship status. You can register to vote using the LatinosVote app in 5 easy steps.

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3. It’s boring.

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Please, you’re on your phone all day anyway and it’s easier to navigate than looking for your go-to emoji.

4. I’ll do it tomorrow.

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Just like you said about working out. Take out your phone and do it. Now!

5. I have better things to do.

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Is that the best you got?

6. I don’t know where to register.

Screenshot 1
Credit: mitú

Register in our app! That’s what it looks like.

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7. I have to register at the post office or DMV.

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You’re running out of excuses.

8. I don’t have a pencil to fill out the form.

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That’s cute. No need for that. Technology is an amazing thing, isn’t it?

9. I probably need to answer a million questions.

Credit: mitú

Nope, the questions are as easy as the ones you see above.

As Beatriz says, “3 minutes is a great investment to decide our future and the future of our families!” We couldn’t agree more.

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By now you’ve run out of excuses, so pull out your phone and join us in making a change.

Here’s where you can download the apps:


Click here for iPhone. Click here if you’re team Android.

We have a voice, here’s why we need to use it…

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