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When You’re the Only One In Your Group Who Can’t Stand the Spice

…Because everyone assumes you like it spicy since you’re Latino.

You tell your friends you don’t like chile and they act like…

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Like the f*cking world is ending.

They take such offense.

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WTF? It’s not personal.

Then they question your authenticity… But you’re Mexican.

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You’re literally the worst Mexican ever.

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Ha! I’m not even Mexican.

How do you not like chile?!

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And they give you the sad eyes to convince you it’s sooooo good ?.

You’re such a pansy… Or a personal fave: grow some.

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Because eating that is going to make me stronger?

Then there are others who tell you it’s not spicy, “You’ll be fine.”

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Literally, my mouth is on ?.

When they know the only only Mexican candy you can handle is Mazapán.

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Those aren’t real friends.

Even the waiter at a restaurant chuckles because you ask for the mild sauce.

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And you’re trying to hold back the tears.

Even mom gangs up on you because she says, ni pareces mi hijo.

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She knows you can’t stand the heat.

The worst is when your hero betrays you: el elotero.

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He asks si lo quieres con el chile que pico o con el que no pica ?. Crushed.

But there’s no need to respond because you know tomorrow everyone will be regretting their choices.

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One word, gastritis ?.

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These Secret Bedrooms Tell You a Lot More about Cuba

things that matter

These Secret Bedrooms Tell You a Lot More about Cuba


In order to show the world a more in-depth Cuba — different from the dilapidated, colorful buildings, cigars and 1950s cars — photographer Carlos Otero Blanco went where most people are not allowed, the bedroom.

“It’s the most intimate part of a home. A lot of things happen there: They love, argue, dream, procreate.”

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 4.25.08 PM

And it wasn’t just to discover more about Cuba, but more about the people. “When you look at the photos, you discover the person who lives there,” Otero Blanco said.

“Visitors may see a living room or bathroom, but they are never allowed to go to bedrooms where people have their private lives.”

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 4.23.44 PM

Dormir con 120

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 4.25.38 PM

As part of his project called “Dormir con 120” — an ode to the type of film he uses — Otero Blanco traveled around Cuba photographing all kinds of bedrooms, from an old farmer’s house to a more modern one.

See all the different bedrooms from around the island here.

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