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When You’re the Only One In Your Group Who Can’t Stand the Spice

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…Because everyone assumes you like it spicy since you’re Latino.

You tell your friends you don’t like chile and they act like…

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Like the f*cking world is ending.

They take such offense.

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WTF? It’s not personal.

Then they question your authenticity… But you’re Mexican.

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You’re literally the worst Mexican ever.

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Ha! I’m not even Mexican.

How do you not like chile?!

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And they give you the sad eyes to convince you it’s sooooo good ?.

You’re such a pansy… Or a personal fave: grow some.

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Because eating that is going to make me stronger?

Then there are others who tell you it’s not spicy, “You’ll be fine.”

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Literally, my mouth is on ?.

When they know the only only Mexican candy you can handle is Mazapán.

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Those aren’t real friends.

Even the waiter at a restaurant chuckles because you ask for the mild sauce.

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And you’re trying to hold back the tears.

Even mom gangs up on you because she says, ni pareces mi hijo.

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Credit: mitú / Facebook

She knows you can’t stand the heat.

The worst is when your hero betrays you: el elotero.

Credit: Mean Girls / suicideloner / Tumblr

He asks si lo quieres con el chile que pico o con el que no pica ?. Crushed.

But there’s no need to respond because you know tomorrow everyone will be regretting their choices.

Credit: Glee / FOX / professornatashavanlis / Tumblr

One word, gastritis ?.

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