9 Ways That Sharing A Room With Your Sibling Changed Your Life

A Latino household is already too much to handle. Between mom, dad and abuelita telling you to live your life, it’s a wonder we make it out alive. Yet, the most intense and character-building experience is sharing a room with a sibling.

You get stuck cleaning up after your sibling because mami doesn’t care whose mess it is.

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No me importa de quién es el regadero. Me lo limpias. ¡Y YA!

Somebody is always annoying somebody.

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Usually it’s the older sibling raising hell, but sometimes that younger sibling definitely gets some good jabs in.

Privacy? That’s a damn joke.

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Not only do mom and dad forbid locks on your bedroom wall, you’re then stuck with someone all up in your business.

You have to really work to find your quiet space.

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And once you find it, you make sure no one knows where it is. Like, legit, it is life or death.

You just don’t have enough space to live your life with your hermana living right on top of you.

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And the lack of space lends itself to some epic throw downs.

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‘Member the time that you and Javier were grounded for making a hole in the wall?

Or un jalón de greñas.

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But it’s not all bad. You do get to spend a bunch of time with your bestie.

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It might not feel like it now but in time you’ll realize that your hermana is truly your best friend.

You know they will always have your back.

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And you will always have that special bond that only comes from family.

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