how is the sex with a latina?

We want you on top and wrapped all over our skin.


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Not you, the San Marcos cobija.

After things start getting hot, we want you to make sure its wet. Real wet.

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A wet and cold towel under our neck always hits the spot and helps us cool off.

We want our time in bed to be super passionate.

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And watching telenovelas always hit the spot.

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We love when you show up with those magic pills that make us feel so good ?.


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Because nothing makes us feel better after a night of drinking than a couple Advil.

Most girls are against having an audience, but we don’t really mind.


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Your creepy luchador figurines don’t really bother us.

Our favorite activity in bed is always Netflix and chil…


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Our time in bed always has to end the right way.


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Café de la olla, please!

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