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Selena-Themed Birthday Cakes Are A Real Thing And We Need Them ASAP

Where have these been all my life?

Everyone deserves a birthday cake as fierce as they are.

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Nothing is fiercer than a cake with the face of this queen.

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Because Selena makes everything better. Cakes and pop phrases included. c347510b212985cac589b66aef98ff9e

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Especially when they include THE iconic purple jumpsuit.

Who wouldn’t die at the sight of a birthday cake like this?

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And, the bigger the cake, the more Selena you can showcase.

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In images or lyrics.

Nothing says I love you better than a cake like this.

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When will someone buy ME a Selena-themed birthday cake? 😭

Cupcakes are so played out. Selena pop-up cakes are the hot sh*t now.

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And the white roses on the side!

Most people get their own pictures on their cakes, but we’re not most people.


Credit: @SweetBabyTee / We Heart It

How stunning is this?!

And why pick just one Selena picture for your cake? Turn that cake into a Selena tribute like this person did.

Credit: Emily S / Pinterest

Where do we get this?!

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