10 Items Every Real Selena Quintanilla Fan Needs To Own

Credit: RedBubble / Etsy

If you’re a Selena fan, you’re probably asking yourself, “How can I take my love of her to the next level,” right? Well…

✨Let her light shine bright✨.

Prayer Candle Selena

Create your own Selena shrine with one of these veladoras. Bumper is optional.

Or spark a smaller flame.


A votive candle is nice too and something you can keep on your desk.

Honor her with something as cute as a button.

Selena pins

Pin these on your purse, backpack or 90s-style jacket inspired by the one the Queen herself wore.

Wear her heartbeat on your chest❤️.

This is something only Selena fans will understand.

Or wear it on your (beer) sleeve.

Beer Koozie

Keep your beer chill and let everyone know you’d do anything for Salinas with one of these beer sleeves.

Write on…

Bidi bom bom pencils

Seriously, pencils could not get any cuter.

Or nail it.


You got Selena right at your fingertips.

Rock that red lip like her.

MAC has promised to bring the world a line of makeup inspired by Selena; we are anxiously counting the minutes to hit the “buy” button.

Protect your Selena makeup with the perfect pouch.

make up bag

When the Selena makeup line finally goes on sale, store it, protect it, carry it with you in this perfect pouch.

And when your Selena makeup collection gets out of hand, carry it in something more spacious.

Selena backpack


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