Here’s Everything Queen Selena Quintanilla Conquered in 2015

Twenty years after her death, Selena is still making history.

The queen will reign forever ???.

A new Selena track was released.


Credit: Q. Productions / Luis Moreno / YouTube

Finally! We memorized her entire catalog of music and 20 years later, we received this blessing from heaven… and from her family’s production company, Q. Productions.

And another one was remixed.

Credit: Selena Infinity / YouTube

Selena classics + new hits… Music to my ears. ❤️?

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She went from Queen of Tex-Mex music, to Disney princess.

Credit: @isaiahks_art / Instagram

Isaiah K. Stephens turned Selena into a variation of Disney princesses and she looks stunn-ing.

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Corpus Christi dedicated an entire weekend to Fiesta de la Flor.

Credit: @chrisperezrockers / Instagram

Her biggest fans flew from all over the country to pay tribute to their favorite star by dancing to her music, dressing up as her and watching her movie… in the rain.

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Her family announced she’s going on tour.

Credit: sweetbabytee / Tumblr

Well, kind of. Selena’s family confirmed her hologram is being developed with Acrovirt LLC and she release new music and will go on tour in 2018.

She finally got the green light for her own MAC makeup line.

Credit: @maccosmetics / Twitter

The moment die-hard Selena fans have been waiting for. I mean, FINALLY!

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