Rita Moreno Turned Her Commencement Speech Into A Sick Rap

Credit: Berklee College of Music / YouTube

“Do you have the motivation to use your creation for this generation?”

What do you do after winning an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar and a Tony? You inspire future artists with a commencement speech at Berklee College of Music… with a rapping twist. At 84 years old, that’s just what Rita Moreno did for the graduates of this Boston college. Instead of keeping it basic, Moreno went all out for the lucky grads by giving them their very own private concert. In the rap, Moreno gave a couple shoutouts to fellow Puerto Rican entertainer Lin-Manuel Miranda and kept things upbeat as she congratulated everyone on their incredible achievement. But as she got more into her rap, her flow got more and more epic. Even if you didn’t graduate from Berklee College of Music, Moreno’s rap is enough to get you pumped.

?Yo! I’m saying. Write your score for more than popularity / Live your life with a clarity of who you are / Your worth on this earth / And as you strive for notoriety at times you’ll be filled with anxiety / Y’all take a long look with sobriety in the mirror and know / You’re here on earth with worth!?

Yass, Rita! Way to slay that speech. Now go enjoy your honorary doctorate in music, girl.

Credit: Berklee College of Music / YouTube

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