What To Say When Someone Questions Your Latinoness

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People find the most absurd reasons to say you’re not Latina enough. Not Mexican enough. Or more annoying yet – that you’re whitewashed. WTF? Who are you to tell me I’m not enough? Here are just a few of the most ridiculous reasons people say you’re not enough.

Ya te crees because you have a degree?

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Actually, no. Since when does having a degree make us pretentious? Some of us just want to make our parents proud and thank them for all their sacrifices.

Your accent isn’t heavy enough.

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I’m sorry I say Walmart instead of Gualmar. I’m not judging people who have an accent, just don’t give me sh*t for it.

You don’t eat spicy food.

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I appreciate having stomach lining. Doesn’t mean I don’t love Latino food. I just wasn’t built with super-human organs.

You’re bougie for getting a cocktail >> tequila shot.

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It’s not my choice. I promised myself three years ago after a major hangover I wouldn’t again. Believe me, I’m looking out for ALL of us.

You’re not brown enough.

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Newsflash: Do we really need to go over this again? Latinos come in every color of the spectrum.

Or curvy enough.

I made a thing

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Am I supposed to apologize because my genetics don’t fit your “ideal”?

You don’t listen to banda or corridos.

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Not hating on banda or corridos, but there’s so much more to love. Like salsa, bachata, cumbia. C’mon, we have way too much rhythm to stick to one genre.

Because you don’t follow soccer.

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I get it, it’s kinda fun watching others chase a ball, but no matter how hard I try, I don’t find it interesting to watch people run around.

Your Spanish isn’t perfect.

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And neither is yours, so how ’bout that?

Basically, people will ALWAYS find a reason to say you’re not Latina enough.

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Oh hell nawww.

But remember…


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You are enough.

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A Judge Told Him To Stop Racially Profiling Latinos. He Refused. Now He Might Go To Jail

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A Judge Told Him To Stop Racially Profiling Latinos. He Refused. Now He Might Go To Jail

This is Joe Arpaio. He’s the racist sheriff of Maricopa County, Ariz., on a crusade against illegal immigration.

Credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

His views earned him a speaking spot at the Republican National Convention.

Credit: FOX 10 Phoenix/YouTube

Arpaio is so concerned with illegal immigration that he violated the civil rights of Latinos in his pursuit of catching ’em all. As a result, he got sued and lost.

Credit: ABC 15 Arizona/YouTube

Specifically, Arpaio and his deputies had a class action lawsuit filed against them because they were allegedly detaining people who they thought looked like undocumented immigrants, or who looked like smugglers. In other words, they’re pulling over brown people. The federal government agreed that Arpaio and the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office were being unlawfully racist, so the justice department ordered them to stop. Spoiler alert: They didn’t.

Instead of complying with federal law, Arpaio started investigating the wife of Phoenix Federal District Court Judge G. Murray Snow, the judge who ruled against him.

Credit: ABC 15 Arizona/YouTube

Judge Snow, fed up with Arpaio’s refusal to change his racist ways, has asked another judge to rule on whether Arpaio should be held in criminal contempt for willfully disregarding Snow’s previous order to stop profiling Latinos.

Credit: ReactionGIFs

If he’s found guilty, Arpaio could be fined or even face jail time. He could also lose his position, which has us like:

Credit: “Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights”/Tumblr

Even if Arpaio gets away with it, he might lose his job anyway. The racist sheriff is currently up for re-election, and the polls have him narrowly losing to his opponent, which means that this Latino nightmare could soon be over.

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