What You Need to Know about the Rebelde Cast Since Their Breakup

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It’s hard to believe that it has been over nine years since the last episode of Rebelde aired and six years since RBD, the real life musical group born of the telenovela, disbanded. Tragic, we know ?. So what’s the crew up to now?

Dulce María

Roberta Pardo

Dulce María played the part of la Rebelde más Rebelde, Roberta Pardo.

Since playing Roberta Pardo, Dulce María continued singing and acting. She signed with Universal Music in 2009 and has released two solo albums. She’s kept her acting chops by staring in both telenovelas and feature films like Mujeres Asesinas and Mentir Para Vivir.

Christopher Uckermann

Diego Bustamante

Remember rich kid hijo de papi hottie Uckermann as Diego Bustamante?


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After Rebelde and RBD, Uckermann starred in the television show Kdabra, released the album Somos in 2010 and scared fans when he was in a motorcycle accident in 2014. Thankfully he and his face are fine.

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Mia Colucci

Mia Colucci was the ever so sassy Rebelde character that Anahí so unforgettably portrayed.

No shrinking violet, Anahí launched a solo singing career and continues to act. Oh, and she married the Manuel Velasco Coello, the governor of Chiapas this year so you know she’s kinda busy as the (fashionable) first lady of the Mexican state.

Christian Chávez

Giovanni Mendez

Chavez played Giovanni Mendez, the sentimental, yet flamboyant character.

Si no puedes ver lo que vales … Es probable que te estés juntando con quien tampoco lo ve … #happyfriday #viernes

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Right away you will notice that his hair is a tad toned down than during his Rebelde days. He’s released two albums: Almas Trasparentes and Esencial since leaving RBD and has appeared in a couple of reality shows as well. Also, in 2013 he faked his own death on Twitter…not really sure what that was about.

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Alfonso Herrera

Miguel Arango

Herrera stole the hearts of many as Miguel Arango. I mean, look at that face ?.

Gracias ??

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Since leaving RBD, Herrera has dedicated himself to his acting career and kept quite busy doing films, movies and even the Netflix original series Sense 8.

Maite Perroni

Lupita Fernandez
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Good girl Lupita Fernández was sweetly played by Maite Perroni.

Let’s be honest, we thought Anahí would become the next Thalía, but Perroni has been kicking ass and takin’ names since leaving RBD. She’s been en un friego de telenovelas, including lead roles alongside hottie William Levy, and she’s killing it as a singer with hits like “A Querer Volver.”

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Feds Spending Nearly Half Million Dollars to Get Fat Latinos to Exercise

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Feds Spending Nearly Half Million Dollars to Get Fat Latinos to Exercise

Credit: iStock

If you’re a Mexican man and receive a text telling you to exercise, don’t panic.  It’s just the feds.

This is not a hoax.  The feds are maybe — probably, definitely — watching you and they know you’re not moving your a$$. You see, the texts are supposed to encourage you to put down the taco and get your booty in shape, because “Mexican-American men report high rates of inactivity and related health conditions,” says the National Institute of Health.

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It’s all part of a study (yes, they’re using you for a good cause) to get Latino men who “have limited access to public health interventions promoting physical activity” to get healthier. The low-cost strategy — or texts — will cost around $400,000, but if it works, they’ll expand it to help others.

So, come on, drop down and give the feds 10, ‘cause you got a lot of catching-up to do.

Read more about the study here.

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