9 Explanations to Why Latinas are Forever Alone

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We need to stop wondering why we’re single.

We have trust issues.

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Thanks to our favorite birthday tradition, we no longer know whom to trust.

We have unrealistic expectations about romance.

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And we blame telenovelas.

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Also to blame, our parents.


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Because they don’t let us speak to anyone of the opposite sex until we’re 30. By then, it’s far too late.

Because no one wants to date a family of 27.

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You know if you date us, you date our entire family.

And because we wanted to be good, religious citizens of the world.

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We had to wait until marriage, which means many guys shut us out completely because they weren’t willing to wait. Assh*les.

Comadreamos too much.


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Our girlfriends know how to get dirt on the guy who’s trying to date us and that sometimes ruins it.

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Also, our girlfriends > new guy.

Trio ❤

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I’m not replacing my girls for a random I-just-met men. Not worth the chance.

Our role models taught us guys aren’t necessary.

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You know what Paquita says ?.

Maybe our expectations are just too high.

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We want to be treated like royalty every day.

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