9 Explanations to Why Latinas are Forever Alone

We need to stop wondering why we’re single.

We have trust issues.

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Thanks to our favorite birthday tradition, we no longer know whom to trust.

We have unrealistic expectations about romance.

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And we blame telenovelas.

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Also to blame, our parents.

Big Think

Because they don’t let us speak to anyone of the opposite sex until we’re 30. By then, it’s far too late.

Because no one wants to date a family of 27.

You know if you date us, you date our entire family.

And because we wanted to be good, religious citizens of the world.

We had to wait until marriage, which means many guys shut us out completely because they weren’t willing to wait. Assh*les.

Comadreamos too much.

Our girlfriends know how to get dirt on the guy who’s trying to date us and that sometimes ruins it.

Also, our girlfriends > new guy.

I’m not replacing my girls for a random I-just-met men. Not worth the chance.

Our role models taught us guys aren’t necessary.

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You know what Paquita says ?.

Maybe our expectations are just too high.

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We want to be treated like royalty every day.

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The Badass Bitch Dictionary


The Badass Bitch Dictionary

Sometimes talking the talk is enough to get your gente believing you are one HBIC. To the already badass bitches out there, you already know.

Badass Bitch


Let’s tart with the basics, if you think there is anything offensive about this term, you’re def off your game. She’s cool, she’s loving, she has your back. She also has an opinion on her own and will call you out on your bulls**t.


tumblr_nhyjpzgxev1qkrrcio1_500 (1)
Credit: MTV / Tumblr

Is something better than good? It’s good AF. Is it beyond sexy? It’s sexy AF. Get the picture?



Before Anyone Else. You know, THE guy, her ride or die, her better half, the spot most of the guys are aiming for.

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What the F••ck? With a higher level of confusion. You don’t want to get this from her.



Direct Message. Personal stuff has no place on public walls, that’s just amateur.



Fear Of Missing Out. The feeling that everyone is doing fun stuff without you. She is the life of the party, so she doesn’t quite grasp this concept.



Fixed That For You. If you were looking for hopeless Disney princess, you’re barking at the wrong tree.



The Head Bitch In Charge is the queen of all badass bitches. She’s the boss, but as Beyoncé notes, never bossy. All hail…

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In My Opinion, which is mostly always right. (Variation IMHO: In My Honest Opinion).



On point, real, no fake — like the clothes she wears, the words she says and the pumps she rocks.



Credit: RCA / Tumblr 

When something is firing — love, work, a night out. BTW, every night out with an HBIC is lit.



My Face When. This could go either way depending on what inspired the face.

On Fleek

On point or very good, like her always perfectly shaped eyebrows.

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giphy (1)

Credit: 20th Century Films / Giphy

Badass, as in “that is one savage margarita” or “she is so savage.”



Crew, gang, group of friends. She won’t be throwing the word around, but true BFF’s know who they are.



No milk or sugar needed. It’s pure gossip we are talking about here. The tea better be exceptionally juicy and sweet for her to take a sip.


giphy (1)

YES!!!! This term is used to express high levels of approval. She won’t use this lightly.



You Only Live Once, so make it count.

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