13 Ways Your Latino Parents Ruin Your Life at Home

live with your parents

You’d do just about anything for your parents EXCEPT live with them the rest of your life because they nag, wake you up early on weekends to get you to do chores, complain when you come home late and on top of all that, there’s all this…

They Never Knock


I know you own the place, but may I please have some privacy!

Sleeping in Is a Deadly Sin

Just five more HOURS please!

It’s a Game of 21 Questions When You Go Out

No, I don’t know what car insurance he has.

You’re Held Hostage Until Your Chores Are Done

Is this list ever done?

They’re Always Yelling about Something

Earplugs please!

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Everything’s a Guilt Trip

Did I ASK you to do my laundry?

Home Sweet Home Isn’t So Sweet

I’m just gonna go for a walk.

You Can’t Have Your Own Plans


Sure Mom and Dad, it’s cool if you go to the casino all weekend.

They’re Not Above a Spanking


I can outrun you.

Going Out Is an Issue


Don’t give me that side eye.

They Don’t Support Your Healthy Diet

#enchiladas #family #goodfood

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Seriously, try swapping those enchiladas for a beet and goat cheese salad.

Missing Sunday Mass Is Tragic


Fainting is a bit much, no?

Their Word IS Final

I just give up.

He Can't Run But He's Finishing the Boston Marathon


He Can’t Run But He’s Finishing the Boston Marathon

boston marathon
Proyecto VAMOS / Twitter

Meet Maickel Melamed:

He’s a 37-year-old motivational speaker and economist from Venezuela.

He suffers from hyptonia.

A symptom of several conditions, hypotonia causes decreased muscle tone.  

Melamed has difficulty walking, but he’s already completed four marathons.

Adelante no es un camino, ni una dirección. Adelante es una actitud. #FelizDía A photo posted by Maickel Melamed (@maickelmelamed) on

Yes, FOUR. He’s finished marathons in New York, Berlin, Chicago and Tokyo. His goal is to finish five marathons.

He’s currently taking on the Boston Marathon.

That’s the fifth marathon on his list.  

That’s Melamed on the course with fans cheering him on.

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Melamed is in Boston representing Proyecto Vamos.

Con estas preciosas miradas me voy a dormir soñando con un mañana para ellos y el esfuerzo de dar el alma en cada paso para que bellezas como ellos tengan un mundo más humano y de acuerdo a lo grandioso de su ser. Ellos luchan por vivir y nosotros porque en su vida todo sea posible. Ellos nuestra causa y sentido. Mañana será un día cargado de sentimientos, mi último entrenamiento en Venezuela después de 6 años de esfuerzos. Un honor que me hayan permitido ser parte de un grupo de gente maravillosa llamados corredores #Gracias … Para “El Guerrero”, la batalla es interna, la competencia es consigo y su propósito, y el triunfo es una elección. Agradecer, respirar, meditar y visualizar … Amar todo por encima de todo!!! #LosQuieroMucho #Bendiciones #SomosEquipo A photo posted by Maickel Melamed (@maickelmelamed) on

His goal is to inspire young people to make their dreams a reality, no matter how many obstacles they face.  

He’s become an inspirational figure in his native Venezuela …

And his story has made headlines in the U.S. and England.

He won’t stop until he’s done.

It took him 16 hours to finish the Chicago marathon, but that didn’t stop Melamed.

Inspired yet?

Melamed told the Daily Mail: “If you dream it, make it happen. Your life is the most beautiful thing that can happen to you. So, make the best of it.”

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