Did You Know Spanish Speakers Use Sad Emojis More than Anyone Else? Here’s Why

When it comes to emojis, Americans love pizza, Canadians love poop and Australians love partying. According to a report by SwiftKey, Americans love chicken drumsticks and guns – except those who speak Español. Spanish speakers are more likely to use sad face emojis, according to SwiftKey’s Joe Braidwood: “The most popular emoji that they used out of the sad faces was the crying emoji.”

Joe, can we live? Maybe we’ve got some good reasons to cry. Maybe it’s because…

We couldn’t afford a trip to NY to see Romeo Santos on the Today show.


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Tears are inevitable when you’re listening to rancheras at a BBQ.

??? ??

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Our moms are sad over the end of Sábado Gigante.




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We watched the emotional ending of Furious 7.

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Only 4.2% percent of speaking characters in movies are Latino.


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Even though Latinos make up 32% of moviegoing audience (and make up only 17% of U.S. population).

We had to say goodbye to Chespirito.


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We waited too long to eat the avocado.



We can’t unwrap a perfect mazapan.


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