Real Cholas Shut Down Fake Chola Fashion

Real Cholas Talk Chola Fashion

In the 90s everyone was looking down on the dark liner, bold brows and hoop earrings. But guess who’s the hot sh*t now? Cholas. It’s cute how celebrities are now trying to imitate the iconic style. But girls please ✋, you’ve got it all wrong. Trust – it takes one to know one. These authentic cholas shoot down the imitation and let us know who did get it right.

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Mom’s Ways of Keeping Us Warm Were Pretty Ingenious


Mom’s Ways of Keeping Us Warm Were Pretty Ingenious

Credit: @siilvydiiaz / Instagram

Not all of us grew up with the luxury of a heater at home. Luckily, mom knew how to turn just about anything into a heating device to keep her babies warm.

These were your “teddy bears” because they comforted you and kept you warm.

And if you were really lucky, they had a soft, stuffed animal-like cover to make them extra cuddly.

Mami knew nothing kept you more warm than cuddling with your siblings.

Sure, this was great for keeping us warm at night, but it also took away all of my personal space.

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Chocolate Abuelita was her version of warm milk.

Add some pan con mantequilla and you can perfectly recreate my childhood during winter months.

On cold mornings she would iron your clothes before you woke up for school.

Nothing gave you more warm feelings than compares to slipping on a perfectly warm sweater to go under your massive down jacket.

When your hands were cold, she’d warm them with tortillas fresh off the stove.

It was the best. Everyone else can keep their mittens.

Your pajamas used to hang out on the radiator as you showered.

Nothing came between mami and making sure her babies were warm – not even a fire hazard.

All towels went through the dryer to prevent you from getting the chills after the shower.

She’s the best.

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She always tucked you in like a burrito.

Only downside was every time she finished tucking you in and left the room, you had the sudden urge to pee but you couldn’t move. ? Never failed.

Beanies were the best defense against a head cold.

Not to mention you had to make sure your mind was ready for school the next day.

There were always at least four pairs of socks on the bed and you were expected to wear them all.

My little piggies have never been as warm since. #memories

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Caldo was a go-to during the hard winter months.

And mami would sit there with you while you drank ever last drop before giving you a goodnight kiss on the forehead.

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