People React to Donald Trump’s Racist Slurs

This week, Donald Trump launched his presidential campaign – but his official announcement was no class act. He dedicated most of his time to bashing immigrants, singling out Mexicans as rapists, criminals and drug smugglers. As with most reality TV stars, he generated plenty of reaction on social media. 

Most were not in his favor…

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And won’t be voting for him.

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Others offered some advice…

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And reminded what immigrants really do.


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And, in case he forgot, the person who signs his checks happens to be Mexican.


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"But He works for me"-#CarlosSlim ????#DonaldTrump ✊#TrueTalk #Mexico #MexicanProblems

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What was your reaction to his comments about Mexicans being criminals? We want to hear from you.

Stressed Out? Reasons You Should Have Chilled in College


Stressed Out? Reasons You Should Have Chilled in College


We freaked out, lost sleep and even cried because we were so stressed out in college – only to find out none of it was worth our tears. Here is why we should have chilled.

Major Commitments

The unhappy physicist
Photo Credit: quinnanya/Flickr

Yeah, getting a degree matters, but major don’t. Only 27 percent of college grads end up in jobs related to their major. If only you knew that before.

Flying the Coop

Outdoor Living
Photo Credit: j_benson/Flickr

You threw fits to live in a swanky apartment like all the cool kids and not at home. Looking back, you wish you had saved on rent by living with the parentals.

Nailing It

Photo Credit: Warner Brothers / DailyFailCenter.com

Grades are important, but so is being well-rounded. Thank god for that summer volunteer program that showed your employers you had experience.

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Hit the Snooze Button

Registration desk sign
Photo Credit: 56675543@N08/Flickr

An early registration date seemed crucial for getting into the classes you needed. Why did you panic? Someone ALWAYS dropped and you were able to swoop in.

Sleepless All-Nighters

Photo Credit: juditk/Flickr

Not that studying isn’t important, but pulling all-nighters before an exam was never worth it. Being blurry-eyed and jittery were not helpful.

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Not Having a Perfect 4.0

final grades
Photo Credit: Sean MacEntee/Flickr

A GPA is something to brag about or hide from parents…but no one has cared post-graduation.

THE Life Plan

Photo Credit: Post Memes/Flickr

Five, 10 and 15-year life plans are exhausting to create and maintain. Being flexible in the real world is much more zen.

Job Track

Fortune Cookie - Job
Photo Credit: 124247024@N07/Flickr

Some people have jobs out college. Good for them. Reality is, about 83% of grads don’t…for now.

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