People React to Donald Trump’s Racist Slurs

This week, Donald Trump launched his presidential campaign – but his official announcement was no class act. He dedicated most of his time to bashing immigrants, singling out Mexicans as rapists, criminals and drug smugglers. As with most reality TV stars, he generated plenty of reaction on social media. 

Most were not in his favor…

Credit: @jaiwolfx

And won’t be voting for him.

Credit: @aliciaadarling

Others offered some advice…

Credit: @EGC922

And reminded what immigrants really do.


Credit: @blazeitfoo

Credit: @marcoregil

And, in case he forgot, the person who signs his checks happens to be Mexican.


Credit: @kenyaosuna_

Credit: @alexa_mfr

What was your reaction to his comments about Mexicans being criminals? We want to hear from you.

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