Quinceañera Reunites With Her Brother’s Heart For The First Time In 10 Years

“Yes, he’s definitely still in there.”

The only thing Monique Salinas wanted for her quinceañera was for her brother Mikey to be present. Unfortunately, Mikey had passed away 10 years before in a car crash. Still, Monique’s mother Melissa Hernandez, was able to surprise her daughter with a part of Mikey – his heart. After he passed, Aubrey Reeves received Mikey’s heart and kidneys as a transplant. The 18-year-old drove from Wichita Falls to Benavides, Texas to meet Mikey’s family for the first time.  Thanks to Melissa, her children’s hearts were able to reunite once again.

Learn more about this surprise reunion here.

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Struggles Of Moving Back Home Every Latino Understands


Struggles Of Moving Back Home Every Latino Understands


So, you’re one of the ones that left the nest, huh? That’s cool, so did I. I lived in Brooklyn and paid $9823759 a month for a 10×10 room – and I had zero regrets (that I’ll talk about later). I decided to leave NYC and move back home to Miami where I quickly learned what moving back home means…

You’ll experience round 2 of the guilt trip you got when you decided to leave.


“¿Qué pasó? ¿Te fayó el plan? ¿No que te creías muy grande?”

Then they’ll be so happy and spoil you to death.


By this, I mean feed you forever and make you re-gain those freshmen 15 from college. Don’t worry, mom will point that out soon enough!

They might just fix up your old room again.


If not, you’re stuck sharing your room with abuelita that she claimed the very day you left to college.

…But then, reality sets in.

Oh, you know they were waiting for this to happen!

Going out past 9:00 p.m. is met with many, many concerns.

“But it’s so late!” “Who are you going with?” “Do you really want to leave now?” “How will I sleep knowing you’re out so late?”

You will become internal IT support.


They can’t connect to WiFi? They can’t figure out how to post on Facebook? They WILL expect you to teach them how to do it because apparently, we’re all computer geniuses.

Your dating life is Netflix & Chill…by yourself.


The thought of bringing anyone home to your parents’ house is enough to make you cringe forever so getting creative is key…

You will have to come up with a codeword for those Tinder dates.


When you’re on your own, that dude you hung out with a few times and lost touch with is no big deal, but mention a man’s name around mom ONCE and she will be asking about “that boy you met in Wynwood” for about four months and she’ll want to know when she can meet him.  Don’t do it.

You won’t have any control over the dinner menu.


It’ll be full of surprises…but free and delicious. Requests of your favorite childhood meals will be fulfilled every now and then, so you still have it pretty good, even if you can’t eat nachos at your heart’s content (every day) anymore. It’s a tough life, I know. :p

You’ll have absolutely. No. Privacy.

Oh, and every outfit will be judged. Actually, everything will be judged. But what did you really expect?

You’ll receive many passive-aggressive texts about everything you didn’t do around the house.


Nothing is cooler than getting an 11:37 p.m. “why is your bathroom una porqueria?” text while you’re out having drinks with your friends. And you literally probably only left your CHI on the counter. SMH.

Then they’ll say the words you never thought you’d hear when they say they’ll be happy when you move out…


…and then cry and bring on guilt trip 3 when you actually talk about doing it again.

But, this is only temporary, right?


Even after seemingly hating and nagging you as an adult roommate, they’ll still love you and support you as their adult child in your next phase, whatever it may be. Now, get out.

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Did you move back home after college or in your ~transition period? Was it a nightmare or kind of awesome? Let us know!

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