Bet You Can’t Guess How Much These Selena Gifts Go For


It’s not hard to see that fans of Selena are everywhere. Many of these fans create unique craft items honoring La Reina, which they sell online. That said, the following items are actually for sale online through websites like Etsy and Ebay. So combine your deal-making skills with your love of Selena to see if you can guess how much each collectible is selling for!

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Based On Superstition, Here's What Your Year Looks Like If You Tell Us What Color Underwear You're Wearing


Based On Superstition, Here’s What Your Year Looks Like If You Tell Us What Color Underwear You’re Wearing

Credit: @mexicanburradas / Instagram

Time to dive into the Latino New Year’s superstitions. Latino legends have it that that your luck for the new year depends on the color of calzones you’re wearing. So… tell us what color underwear you’re wearing and find out what 2017 will look like for you.

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