Red Flags That Scream You’re Dating a Complete Psycho

6 Signs You’re Dating a Psycho

Meeting your parents without your knowledge, keeping tabs on your Instagram activity, sniffs you to make sure you don’t smell like foreign perfume – these are relationship RED FLAGS that you’ve gotta keep an eye on. Why? That new girlfriend is probably a total psycho. JR Munoz and his crew break down the six signature moves that clingers make when they’re trying to catch you slippin’.

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There’s More Than One Way To Cook A Kick-Ass Burger

Food & Drink

There’s More Than One Way To Cook A Kick-Ass Burger

It’s Burger Time

If the plain cheeseburger has been your standard for years, it’s time to upgrade. Chef JC Pavolich shows you three ways to mix things up — and you don’t have to use beef. First, Chef JC shows you how to make a tasty beef burger with oozing cheese and a spicy chipotle dressing. If fish is your thing, Chef JC grills a tuna steak, tops it with some easy-to-make chimichurri sauce and throws it on a warm bun. Oh, and there’s BACON. For all you vegetarians, there’s a portobello mushroom burger with a creamy blue cheese and jalapeño dressing that’ll send you to burger heaven.

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