Proof that Latinos Don’t Play When It Comes to Cakes

Move over, Cake Boss. Latinos are the true masters of cake. Don’t believe it? Check out these amazing-borderline-insane cakes only Latinos could bake up.

Because you didn’t have enough lace on your baptism gown.

The first hijo is always the more important hijo.


The taller the cake the closer to God. ?

Our cakes are full productions…


And the more lights and crystals, the better, obvi.

Stacking your cake layers is so basic.

When we pick a theme, we fully commit.

You’re too young to care, but mami wants to impress the birthday guests.

We can, and will, transform anything into a cake.


Of course, we have to show our fútbol pride any chance we get.


Mordida and your birthday shot all rolled into one. #latinovictories

We want our weddings as picture perfect as the movies.

It’s all about the presentation.


Nothing says “I do” like blowing your life-savings on a wedding cake.

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