Proof that Latinos Don’t Play When It Comes to Cakes

Move over, Cake Boss. Latinos are the true masters of cake. Don’t believe it? Check out these amazing-borderline-insane cakes only Latinos could bake up.

Because you didn’t have enough lace on your baptism gown.

The first hijo is always the more important hijo.

Christening cake. #christening #cake #pasteldebautizo #king #baby #pastel

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The taller the cake the closer to God. ?

closeup of the cake #baptismreception #baptismcake

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Our cakes are full productions…

And the more lights and crystals, the better, obvi.

Hermoso y delicioso!! Lo hacemos a tu gusto! (210)837-6315 #quincecake #candycake

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Stacking your cake layers is so basic.

#quinceanera #quincecake #punkincarriage #pink #15 #pastel

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When we pick a theme, we fully commit.

You’re too young to care, but mami wants to impress the birthday guests.

We can, and will, transform anything into a cake.

Of course, we have to show our fútbol pride any chance we get.

Mordida and your birthday shot all rolled into one. #latinovictories

We want our weddings as picture perfect as the movies.

It’s all about the presentation.


Nothing says “I do” like blowing your life-savings on a wedding cake.

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