These Tweets Perfectly Capture Why Cuban Coffee Is All You Need To Get Through Life

When it comes to coffee, Cubans have the world beat. There’s a reason why Cuban coffee is basically a household term at this point.

Cubans have perfected the art of coffee making so that all you need is one tiny cup to leave you wired all day.

Have you ever caught a Cuban taking a nap or feeling tired? Well…

Wired. All. Day. Long!

Tired Cubans is something that simply does not exist.

But it isn’t all just fun and caffeinating. Some just don’t know what they’re in for the first time.

Kind of a dark joke, sure. But it actually isn’t too off the mark.

You can keep your little 5-Hour Energy Shots.


All the people need are a couple cafectios to get sh*t done.

There is a reason they say, “Once you sip a cafecito, you never go back.”

Yes, they say it. And “they” are the only fully functioning adults.

And that reason is because cafecito’s are pure joy and love in a cup.


Cuban coffee is a hell of a drug.

*scratch scratch*

Me: Anybody got any of that cafecito Cubano?

Cuban coffee is the only reason your lazy friend even made it to the club tonight.

Just try a Starbucks Americano and see how far your night goes.

Hint: Nowhere!

Just like the Irish, a little splash of booze can really give a cafecito an extra punch.

Not that cafecitos really need an extra punch but some people just need a little more convincing.

Like, for real though. Cafecitos = Life.

Too. Damn. True.

And once you get your first taste of a cafecito, good luck backing away from Cuban food at all.

Where’s the lie?

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