Proof That Being The Youngest In A Big Family Is The Worst

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Not all Latinos come from big families, but those that do can come from notoriously B.I.G. families. While it’s great around your birthday or Christmas – because the more gifts the merrier – being the youngest in the family can have some serious drawbacks. Here are just a few examples of what happens when you’re the youngest in a large fam.

Your older brother made it mandatory for you participate in his “what-could-possibly-go-wrong?” experiments.


After two weeks of convincing you that nothing could possibly go wrong with your older brother’s latest stunt, it. goes. horribly. wrong. Every time!

And your older sister tried out her makeup skills on you.


Boy or girl, you were the guinea pig that big sis used to develop her beauty techniques.

If you had long hair, she also tried out new hairstyles on you.


It’ll wash out, right?

Anytime you went on a family trip, you got the worst seat.

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Seniority always gets the best seat in any vehicle.

Hand-me-downs were all you ever wore.

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Parents aren’t going broke just so you can have the latest clothes. You’ll wear your sister’s dress… and like it!

Like clothes, blame got passed down to you as well.

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When something in the house breaks or goes missing, the blame stops with you.

Because you were the smallest, your older siblings always ignored you.


But then you heard the juiciest chisme because they didn’t even notice you were in the room.


Pro-tip: keep all that gossip in your back pocket for later use.

You watched “Harry Potter” and got jealous because he had his own room.

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You’re at the bottom of the pecking order, which means you’ll always share a room with someone who doesn’t want you there.

By the time you were born, your parents stopped putting effort into naming their children.

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Emmanuel, Enrique, Esmeralda, Emily, Erick, Eliana, and were all named after beloved family members. You were named after your mother’s favorite cat, Bruce.

And when your parents were mad, they couldn’t remember your name.


They have so many kids they get confused and call you the first thing that comes to mind.

Good luck getting your older sibs to let you pick the television channel.


The only way to have access to the television is by waking up super early. Hope you enjoy infomercials. They’re the only thing on at 5 AM.

If you brought your significant other to the house, your older brothers and sisters made sure to ruin your love life.


Your brothers and sisters knew too much about you and did everything to embarrass you in front of your novio/novia. Bringing them to the house is asking for disaster.

As the youngest, you were always terrorized by pranks.


Thanks to your older sibs, you’re the only 10 year old you knew on anxiety meds.

And older siblings took their aggression out on you when they were having a bad day.


But that just made you stronger in the long run.


Years of torment from them means you can handle anything.

While the older sibs took you for granted, you had some tricks up your sleeve too.

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Best of all, you’ll always be your parents favorite because you’re their baby.



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The Music Video For New Shawn Mendes And Camila Cabello Hit ‘Senorita’ Is Pure Fire And No Wonder Fans Think Theyre A Couple Like OMG


The Music Video For New Shawn Mendes And Camila Cabello Hit ‘Senorita’ Is Pure Fire And No Wonder Fans Think Theyre A Couple Like OMG

camila cabello / YouTube

There is one thing in music that is not up for debate: the Camilizer fandom is one of the strongest. No matter what the pop star is doing, her fans will always show up with full support on social media and irl. That fandom is making power moves again now that Cabello’s new collab “Señorita” with Shawn Mendes is out. In less than 24 hours, the video already had 14 million views.

Camila Cabello got her fandom ready with one tweet and it worked.

Credit: @Camila_Cabello / Twitter

Cabello’s Twitter is a powerful tool. When she tweets, her millions of followers listen. It is clear that she has learned how to harness social media for the betterment of her career and it is paying off. Tbh, she kind of deserves the success she has garnered so far. Like, she skipped her quinces so she could audition for the X Factor and the rest is music history.

Cabello stans are here to tell you that “Señorita” is a song that is here to stay.

Credit: @joyfulseavey / Twitter

No one is surprised to hear that Cabello was able to put out a hit. She is proving herself as a powerful musician. We still can’t get “Havana” out of our heads and it has been out for two years.

Like, this is what the Camilizer fandom is doing the rest of the weekend with this song in the background.

Low key, a lot of people will be giving this song all of their streams this weekend. Who wouldn’t want to spend the next couple days bouncing to this song?

People are crying over the new song because they have been waiting for new music.

Credit: @InZaynFor5H / Twitter

Take some deep breaths and relax. You don’t want to miss any of the music or video because you can’t see or hear over your own sobs. Is it even worth listening if you are crying so intensely?

Fans had theories about how the singers prepared for their intimate moments on screen.

Credit: @ShawnMendes / Twitter

Obviously, you wouldn’t want to have bad breath when you have to kiss someone over and over again. It is also kind of cute that Mendes was so concerned that he ate mints to make sure he had good breath for Cabello.

The video and the passion between the singers is reigniting speculation that they are secretly more than friends.

Credit: @_emgm_ / Twitter

Some people might call it good acting and on-screen chemistry. Camilizers call it them sharing their truth while hiding behind the facade of music and the arts. Whichever it is, they know how to make a convincing couple on the screen.

Here is the full video for Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes’s “Señorita.”

Congrats, you two. Seems like you really did the thing with this video.

Keds Latest Designs Proves That Avoiding Cultural Appropriation In Fashion Is Totally Possible


Keds Latest Designs Proves That Avoiding Cultural Appropriation In Fashion Is Totally Possible


It’s always really cool to see a big name brand embrace the art of our Latinidad. It’s like a nod to all of the great Latinx artisans who add beauty and color to our culture. In fact, seeing consumers enthusiastically welcome these goods feels like further validation. With this in mind, it makes this new collaboration all the sweeter for us art and fashion lovers.

Keds is collaborating with designers Thelma Dávila and Lolita Mia on a line inspired by the Latina-created brands.

Instagram / @Keds

In what the shoe company is calling a “collaboration fiesta,” Keds released three fun and vibrant new designs.

Some of the shoes borrow inspiration from Thelma Dávila’s colorful Guatemalan textiles. Alternatively, other pairs utilize Lolita Mia’s festive fringe as embellishments. These touches combine with Keds’ original platform shoes to make a unique product.

Of the partnership with these new brands, Keds’ website says:

“It’s so rewarding to be able to be a part of the professional and personal growth of women who decided to follow their dreams. Entrepreneurs (especially female ones) are always brave, they’re risk-takers that believe strongly in themselves. And we believe in them too. We’re so excited to introduce you to our latest for-women-by-women collaborations.”

The Thelma Dávila brand is named after its Guatemalan founder.


The company specializes in designing and crafting unique pieces by hand. Furthermore, their products utilize Guatemalan textiles, leathers and non-leather materials. Obviously, this collaboration is built on a solid relationship between the two brands. Since last year, Keds retail locations have carried Thelma Dávila bags and products in stores.

On their website, Keds said the design collaborations were intent on “taking geometric design and color cues from [Dávila’s] native culture, our classic Triple Kick gets transformed into a fiesta-ready standout.”

Founded by jewelry artisan and entrepreneur, Elena Gil, Lolita Mia is a Costa Rican accessory brand.


While studying abroad in Italy, Gil made a significant personal discovery. She realized that ethnic crafts and traditions were very alike across regions. Specifically, they were similar in cultural importance. In light of this, she decided to start her own brand. Lolita Mia’s handmade products embrace what Gil has coined a “Universal Ethnic Luxury.”

Of the collaboration with Lolita Mia, Keds’ website reads:

“[The] aesthetic shines through in these playful renditions of our platforms in the form of fun, festive fringe and punchy tropical shades.”

The Ked × Lolita Mia collaboration has two designs while the Ked x Thelma Dávila collab is made up of one.

Instagram / @lolitamiacr

“Triple Tassel” is a multicolored platform with purple, pink, orange and white tassels attached to the laces. “Triple Decker Fringe” is an off-white platform slip-on with multi-colored fringe and golden embellishments on top. The “Triple Kick” features a neutral platform with Guatemalan textile accents around the bottom.

Each design is priced at $70 a pair. Moreover, they are available exclusively on Keds’ website. Be sure to order yours today and add a little extra Latinx flare to your summer looks.

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