Today’s Men Are No Longer Living By Dad’s Machista Standards

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Latino men of the past may have been all hung up with what it means to be manly, but those days are GONE. These Latino boyfriends prove that the machista mentality is a thing of the past.

He knows how to do your laundry and even handles your delicates with extra care.

Because it’s 2015 and we believe in equal rights.

He has a way with chiles rellenos that makes your mouth water and knees weak.

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Maybe he spent time with mami in the kitchen or he just learned to impress you. Either way, it proves men belong in the kitchen too.

Somehow he is better at styling your hair than your girlfriends.


Who said doing hair is just for women?

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He’s not too proud to help you with hygiene.

6/1 Nene malo ❤ #novio #instamoment #boyfriend

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No matter how tough he acts with his compadres, your tesoro is always willing to let loose with you.

He’s not embarrassed to coordinate outfits.

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Because he knows you want to do it for the ‘gram.

Gone are the days of the woman taking care of the man.

Tarde de sexo lúdico ??? Nada mas satisfactorio que a demas de una buena revolcada en la cama… en el piso o contra la pared! Que es muy rico cabe aclarar; es necesario explorar, conocer, reconocer y encontrar entre ambos esas cosas que se dejan a la deriva; juguetes sexuales, aceites aromáticos, masajes, sogas, esposas, antifaz… con lo que logramos no sólo una satisfacción profunda sino plena se crear conexiónes duraderas de esas que no sólo te despierten las hormonas; sino de esas que calmen tus sentidos…! #Mujer #Life #Love #Vida#SexoLudico #fitness #pasion #afecto #orgasmos#AmorDeTodasMisVidas #Pasión #Parejas #Novio #Sentir #Sexy #Couple #Descubrir #Constancia #HardLove #AmorSano #AmaYNoDependas #AmateATiMismo #Parejas #AmorSinEsclavitud #InteligenciaEmocional #Coaching #Girls #Boys #masajes #SexoLudico

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He understands you need TLC.

He’ll take all those cheesy couple photos just to make you smile.

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No need to be a total bro here.

Rocking your purse in public is no longer up for question.

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 11.32.25 AM
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Honestly, it is the evolution of relationships. Remember abuelito holding abulita’s purse while you shopped with them?

He has no shame showing the world that he is all yours.

Mainly to brag, but also to show just how important you are to him.

He totally gives you that mani you desperately need.

#pintandomelasuñas #novio #hermoso ♡♡

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And he don’t play when it comes to your fierce French tips.

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He’s not too manly to treat your younger brothers as if they were his own siblings.


And seeing him with Miguelito on Saturday afternoons still makes your heart flutter.

And he has a funny way of commemorating the special days together.

It’s all about being your man.

Does your novio ignore the machista stereotype to make you happy? Share this story to show him how much his love and selflessness mean to you.

A Guy from New Mexico was Arrested for Stealing His Mom's Pozole

food and drink

A Guy from New Mexico was Arrested for Stealing His Mom’s Pozole

Everyone knows the feeling…


When there’s a big, steaming pot of pozole making your house smell all kinds of wonderful.

Credit: New Line Cinema

So once you get a taste of this:


All you can do is this:


So how far would you go to get a bowl of pozole?

Credit: Hanna Barbera / DC

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Jonathan Ray of Albuquerque, New Mexico was arrested for breaking into his mom’s house and stealing a pot of pozole.

Credit: Bernalillo County Metropolitan Detention Center

It’s true. According to the Albuquerque Journal, the 23-year-old texted his mother that he would drop by to eat. Ray’s mother told police she asked him not to go to the house. When she arrived, Ray entered through the back door, opened the fridge and ran off with a large pot of pozole.

“He opened the door and grabbed that big pot of pozole I had made for my kids. He knew I had made it,” said Ray’s mother to the Albuquerque Journal.

Credit: h. r. williams / flickr

Ray’s mother, who has previously called police to remove Ray from her house, pressed charges against her son. Ray faces a felony for residential burglary. Ray’s mother also told the Albuquerque Journal, “He needs help.”

Let’s hope Ray and his mother can resolve their issues soon and get back to eating pozole together.


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