Today’s Men Are No Longer Living By Dad’s Machista Standards

Latino men of the past may have been all hung up with what it means to be manly, but those days are GONE. These Latino boyfriends prove that the machista mentality is a thing of the past.

He knows how to do your laundry and even handles your delicates with extra care.

He has a way with chiles rellenos that makes your mouth water and knees weak.


Somehow he is better at styling your hair than your girlfriends.


He’s not too proud to help you with hygiene.


He’s not embarrassed to coordinate outfits.


Gone are the days of the woman taking care of the man.

He’ll take all those cheesy couple photos just to make you smile.

Rocking your purse in public is no longer up for question.

Credit: @xobrinnie / Twitter

Honestly, it is the evolution of relationships. Remember abuelito holding abulita’s purse while you shopped with them?

He has no shame showing the world that he is all yours.

He totally gives you that mani you desperately need.


He’s not too manly to treat your younger brothers as if they were his own siblings.


And he has a funny way of commemorating the special days together.

Does your novio ignore the machista stereotype to make you happy? Share this story to show him how much his love and selflessness mean to you.

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