He Worked at a Nightclub to Pay for School and Has a Thing For Men In Uniform – Pope Francis Is Like that Tía We All Love

Pope Francis is undoubtedly going down in history as the dopest pope…and now that we think about it, he reminds us a lot of our tía. You know, the one that always sticks up for us when dad is being super strict, everyone has one. Check out how Pope Francis is more like that tía than dad because…

He worked at a nightclub.

Credit: Franco Origlia / Getty Images

Yep, El Vicario de Cristo once worked as a bouncer for a nightclub in Buenos Aires to help pay his way through school. (Don’t tell papá!)

He loves to Tango ?.

Credit: The Guardian

The Pope has ritmo. Before he joined the mission, he spent nights Tango dancing with his crew and admitted that it’s “something that comes from within.” Nothing like dad who stands against the wall watching everyone else dance.

He loves a good selfie.

Credit: Franco Origlia / Getty Images

Pope Francis is not camera shy at all – but he draws a line at the selfie stick. Save it for the prez.

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He had a girlfriend. *Gasp!*

Credit: Franco Origlia / Getty Images

So did your tía – she never told you?! Pope Francis confessed he fell in a love with his girlfriend Amalia Damonte when he was 17. Typical date nights included going to nightclubs to dance salsa.

He understands the need for the occasional divorce.

Credit: Carl Court / Getty Images

Pope Francis understands that divorce is “morally necessary” at times, unlike dad who always says you have to stay with your husband “hasta que la muerte los separe” – no matter how shady he might be.

He’s not exactly against the gay community.

“Who am I to judge a gay person of goodwill who seeks the Lord?” Yep, that was his response when he was asked what his thoughts were on the subject. Such a cool guy.

He loves a man in uniform.

Credit: Gokhan Tan / Getty Images

Okay, maybe not quite as much as tía Gueramina does, but he has been a strong supporter of veterans, particularly those Argentinian vets who served during the war in the falkland islands.

He has major fangirl moments.

Credit: Claudio Villa / Getty Images

And he’s not afraid to show his excitement. Like the time he met Leo Messi.

He’s a big-time hugger.

Credit: Peter Macdiarmid / Getty Images

Kinda like that tía who can’t get enough abrazos and smears lipstick all over your cheek when she says hi.

He’s a little bit of a hippie.

Credit: Franco Origlia / Getty Images

Kind of like that that aunt we all have who tries to save the Earth, Pope Francis is all about doing what we can to protect nature. In June, Pope Francis wrote a religious encyclical about climate change and our duty to take better care of the Earth.

He adores babies…

Credit: Franco Origlia / Getty Images

Nothing like dad who’s too embarrassed to be seen playing with a wittle baby. Pope Francis probably knows how to whisper bible verses in baby talk.

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He gets sleepy… during holy mass!

Credit: Franco Origlia / Getty Images

Dad smacked you upside the head every time you yawned. Even his holiness gets a little bored.

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He’s humble and unpretentious.

Credit: Franco Origlia / Getty Images

Dad always wants the top-of-the line everything, but Pope Francis is more like the tía who knows how to save a few bucks. He insisted on sharing a one bedroom flat, cooking his own meals and traveling via public transportation although he had full access to the Archbishop’s quarters and a private chef.

He has a heart of gold.

Credit: Dan Kitwood / Getty Images

He has a major soft spot for those in need and wants to take care of everyone he meets, just like all good tías!

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