Why Do All Latino Dads Dress The Same?

Latino dad

There’s no question that Latino dads are hard-working, loving, funny and incredibly supporting. We love them for that. But one thing papá could work on is his selection in the fashion department…

We all have the dad who refuses to let go of the shirt he got as a birthday gift.

Credit: @peyayitos / Instagram

The one he got 15 years ago, but won’t let go porque “todavía está buena.”

He’s still on that 1990 cholo style.

Happy Father's Day to this cool guy ! #mexicandad #fathersday #??

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Never mind that he now wears dad glasses, he’s still rocking his plaid shirt, khaki pants, and beanie. Como siempre… Time to upgrade.

Plaid is his Sunday’s finest.

The man, the myth, the legend…..I present to you Jerry Moreno #family #mexicandad

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Inspired by his own kid.

He’s so in tune with hip hop gear.



He will give you a serious talk, while looking gangsta in that Ecko gear you wore 10 years ago. READ: Only Latino Dads Make Their Family Go Through All This When Road Tripping

His fashion motto is socks up, belly out.

Got my swag from my dad #dad #mexicandad

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Because it’s hot up top, cold down below.

He sometimes decides shirts are optional.


Ain’t no shame in his dad bod… But he still won’t let go of the socks and sneakers.

He sometimes tries to pull a monochrome Kanye look.

I wasn't lying to anyone about my dad being Mexican this is him a long time ago lookin fly?? #MexicanDad I love him so much though ❤️❤️

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All white everything and ready for anything because the casual sleeveless shirt, baseball cap, but fancy cowboy boots would be acceptable whatever the dress code may be.

His signature tejana is his favorite accessory.

#54 #mexiCANdad #daddygusgus

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Perfect for hiding his bald spot. Goes perfectly with his ‘stache.

Some prefer the classic baseball cap.

Happy Father's Day to My Dad #fathersday #latinodad

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Serves the same purpose as the tejana.

But he switches it up at the beach with protective gear.



Even if they look a bit silly, dads know better than to expose their body to too much sunlight. READ: Only Latino Dads Make Their Family Go Through All This When Road Tripping

He thinks he looks as cool as you with his blue polarized sunglasses.

Credit: @nicolasanyc / Instagram

That first hashtag on point ?.

His favorite thing to wear is his Chivas jersey.

Ready for Mexico! #MLP

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Along with sweats, cowboy boots (always) and every hat he has at home.

He hates on USA teams, but has no problem rocking these.

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So do you love USA or nah?

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 And this is his party uniform.

We all know this #mexicandad #mexicandadsbelike #puropinchepari #quesigalafiesta #ostrichboots #mexicanfiesta #haha

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So predictable.

And when he just wants to chill at home, the superhero Snuggie is his go-to.

My dads always been my #superhero #happyfathersday #bestdadever #peru #peruviandad #elcholomasguapo #loveyaman

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It really doesn’t matter what our dads wear, they’ll always be our superheroes.

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This Girl With a Rare Disease Jams to Selena Gomez to Give You All the Motivation You Need to Get Through the Day


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Audrey Nethery is a 6-year-old girl in Kentucky who was diagnosed with Diamond-Blackfan anemia, which is a rare bone marrow disease that doesn’t allow her body to make red blood cells. But don’t feel bad for the little girl because she is full of LIFE, especially when she is singing and dancing to Selena Gomez & The Scene’s “Love You Like A Love Song.” Get ready to feel ALL the feels… and you might learn a dance move or two from this little tyke.

It all starts with the obligatory shoulder shimmy to let the crowd know that it’s about to go down.

Credit: Axsam.Az / Facebook

That confidence is something everyone could learn from. Do what you love and love what you do.

As soon as that chorus drops, Audrey catches a ghost and lays it all out for you.

Caught a Ghost
Credit: Axsam.Az / Facebook

?I, I love you like a loooove song, baby!?

Everyone watching this video must be like:

Credit: secaedelcielo / Reddit

*snaps* ?

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And work she does, even choreographing her performance.

Credit: Axsam.Az / Facebook

Yaaasssss, queen!

She even proves she can keep up with the Latina pop star she is grooving to.

Credit: Axsam.Az / Facebook

#Twinsies, duh!

Credit: cockygomez / Tumblr

Almost couldn’t tell the difference, huh?

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At the end of it all, Audrey shows that she remains humble as she shies away from the camera.

Adorable Smile
Credit: Axsam.Az / Facebook

How Selena Gomez must feel after seeing the video:

Credit: smileforirish / Tumblr

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Check out Audrey’s full performance below:


Posted by Axsam.Az on Wednesday, January 20, 2016

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