You Know You’re Mexican When You Have these Cousins in Your Fam

Because we have like 2343 primos.

The Star Athlete

Credit: @robbie_mcrob / Instagram

Since you were little, he had dozens of trophies on display in his room and your dad would always tell you he wanted you to be like him ?.

The One Who Never Grew Up

Credit: sokoli / Tumblr

AKA the disgusting one who farts mid conversation and thinks that ? is hilarious. Meanwhile, you’re like the guy above.

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The Hot One

Credit: @reyitaamar / Instagram

All your primas have an innocent crush on him. What can you say? Good looks run in the family ?

The One Who THINKS He’s Hot


Credit: @dinho4881 / Instagram

He got his looks from the other side of his family.

The One Who’s Like Your Brother

Credit: @antoniorlando17 / Instagram

He’s got your back no matter what kind of tío drama’s going on.

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The Funny One

Credit: @reinansantos / Instagram

Never a dull moment with him.

The One Who Thinks He’s the Head of the Family

Credit: @andrea_rosi21 / Instagram

He’s overly proud and acts like he runs the show. He also has your last name tatted on his back.

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El Que Se Cree Galán

Credit: @davidemancini_ / Instagram

He thinks he got the best genetic makeup of anyone else in the fam.

The One Who You Know Will Be Your Best Man, Your Compa

Credit: @hannaalemos / Instagram

And your wingman for life.

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