PornHub Categorized Latinas With A Taco And We’re Pretty Sure They Regret It Now

Yes most Latinos love tacos, but in 2016 you’d think people knew better than to generalize and stereotype all Latinos. Latin Americans are as diverse as their cuisine and the *insert sarcastic voice* geniuses at PornHub are learning that the hard way.

In a clever, yet ignorant burst of creativity, PornHub launched a service where you can text an emoji that represents the type of porn you’re in the mood for and you can receive a video from that category, for example:


It totally makes sense that Russia, Japan, Korea, India and France are represented by their flags, right?

What were Latinas tagged as? Take a wild guess…

Credit: Taco Bell / Tumblr

Yep, Latinas are represented by a taco. A TACO!

Credit: yeezusquotes / Tumblr

We feel ya ‘Ye.

Latinas obviously were not having it:

Credit: @laciguapadelsur / Twitter
Credit: @edwin_meng / Twitter
Credit: @loveranddreamer / Twitter

Now, if you really want to be creative, PornHub, think of something less stereotypical.

Credit: Fast & Furious / WB / elmundo-estuyo / Tumblr

Read more about these porn emojis here.

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