15 Photos that Don’t Need Explanation if You’re Mexican

What a difference culture can make! Like in these pictures where most people see things that don’t make sense, but Mexicans totally understand.

It’s NEVER butter!

Credit: kittylee.css / Instagram

And sometimes it’s not even salsa.

Credit: mrhid98 / Instagram

WTF is that? Quinoa? Where is the freakin’ butter or fake butter, that’s what I wanna know?

Frijoles taste NOTHING like burgers and fries.


Uh, we’re the OG hard core carpoolers.


When mamá is headed home you get all Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon with the cleaning.


No, don’t call CPS, this is totally normal.

Little girls today don’t even know.

Some things are deal breakers.

This is just cruel.


Sandia done right.


Que duvet, ni que nada.

Nobody wants to be like the top tortilla.

Churros before viejos burros.

Can a person eat tacos in peace?!


Molcajetes make it better.

One family’s mole today…

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