15 Photos that Don’t Need Explanation if You’re Mexican

What a difference culture can make! Like in these pictures where most people see things that don’t make sense, but Mexicans totally understand.

It’s NEVER butter!

Credit: kittylee.css / Instagram

And sometimes it’s not even salsa.

Credit: mrhid98 / Instagram

WTF is that? Quinoa? Where is the freakin’ butter or fake butter, that’s what I wanna know?

Frijoles taste NOTHING like burgers and fries.

Uh, we’re the OG hard core carpoolers.

When mamá is headed home you get all Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon with the cleaning.

My life!! ?? @whoisseanmac #hatemesses #clean #boring #chores #speedcleaning

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No, don’t call CPS, this is totally normal.


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Little girls today don’t even know.

For real tho! ??? amaaaaa why!?? #mexicanproblems

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Some things are deal breakers.

This is just cruel.

Sandia done right.

Late night snacky snack!? #snack #sandiaconchile #mexicanproblems

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Que duvet, ni que nada.

Nobody wants to be like the top tortilla.

YES WE DID. ??????

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Churros before viejos burros.

☝?️tbh ? #Latinas #Churros #Bae #TrueLove #LatinasBeLike

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Can a person eat tacos in peace?!

Me today…

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Molcajetes make it better.

One family’s mole today…

#DonaMariaMole #Mole #DrinkingGlass #LoL

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A Woman Was Spying On Her Neighbors And Got Her Head Stuck In A Fence


A Woman Was Spying On Her Neighbors And Got Her Head Stuck In A Fence

So how bad do you crave the chisme? Be real. I’m pretty sure I can speak for all of us when I say that pretty much everyone is down for gossip.

Like try and tell me you aren’t the person that peers down from their window when they hear an argument outside. Or that you aren’t the type that glances over at the phone of the person sitting next to you on the Metro.

Well one woman has taken that need for chisme to the next level.

In La Virginia, Colombia, a gossipy neighbor needed to know exactly what was going down in her vecina’s home. So this happened.

Credit: mundoactualizate / Instagram

Yup. She got herself, well her head really, stuck between the bars of the house she was trying to spy on. The woman remained stuck for five hours, five hours, until rescuers arrived to cut away the metal bars.

I mean we’re all down for gossip but you have to exercise caution when trying to get the tea.

Credit: @UltimaHora_hn / Twitter

Translation: “The supposed curiosity of a woman in Colombia nearly got her killed…”

Like I’m pretty sure nobody wants to get that kind of a headline written about them after going viral.

To be fair…we don’t know for sure if the woman was actually snooping but after going viral, social media was quick to jump to that conclusion.

And yes, some in the photo were definitely laughing at her.

Credit: Radio La Roca FM 103.9 / Facebook

I mean like if I was there I’d be laughing too.

One suggested the man laughing in the photo had to be her husband.

Credit: Radio La Roca FM 103.9 / Facebook

Translation: “Look how the husband shits with laughter”

Because only a husband could get away with laughing at this. And even that’s a stretch.

And now from Colombia to Honduras to the U.S., the woman has made international headlines.

But luckily for her, at least her face isn’t visible in any of the photos so la chimosa mas famosa remains anonymous. For now.

Making headlines isn’t exactly what you want to do when you set out to spy on your vecinos.

Translation: “If she wanted to go unnoticed, she didn’t succeed.”

Usually, you want to be as discreet as possible. It’s safe to say, this woman was not.

But many on Twitter had nothing but mad props to offer this hardcore chismosa.

As one Twitter user replied to a post about the woman by Remezcla, #Respect. You keep doing you just be more careful next time.

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Twitter LOL’d So Hard At Nike’s Outfits That They Thought Were Inspired By Mexican School Outfits


Twitter LOL’d So Hard At Nike’s Outfits That They Thought Were Inspired By Mexican School Outfits

In early 2018, Nike launched some sportswear for women and Twitter got a hold of it because something about them looked oddly familiar.


The khaki and black combo — which averages about $160 for the set — is actually very similar to certain uniforms in Mexico.

As Luis Ricardo from Puebla, Mexico, said on Twitter, the company must have been inspired by their public school uniforms.

“Like SEP says, ‘Keep the same pants until Nike gets inspired by them.’ And it worked,” @RamosAparte tweeted.

The new line is almost identical to that of uniforms delegated by the Secretaría de Educación Pública (SEP), which is known as Mexico’s public school system.

A publication in Mexico also agreed.

“The new #Nike collection will take you back to secondary school,” @Mileno added.

The color scheme is just too similar.

People straight up clowned Nike for the similarities.

They really are so similar to the school uniforms that it is hard not to clown them on it.

Some people on Twitter are having flashbacks to their school days.

Imagine walking into a store and seeing your old school uniforms as the height of fashion. Talk about shook.

Others believe they can easily replicate the “fresh” look.

That is genius. Who wants to send me their uniforms so I can be all cool and stuff?

Some think the designer is just into Mexico’s taste in fashion.

When is Mexico not an inspiration?

But how many times have you seen school uniforms dictate fashion trends?


We’ll wait.

Some people did seem less than thrilled that it seems the coporation ripped off a Mexican school uniform.

Others hope Mexico is getting some kind of royalty check from the designers.

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