15 Photos that Don’t Need Explanation if You’re Mexican

Pictures only Mexicans understand

What a difference culture can make! Like in these pictures where most people see things that don’t make sense, but Mexicans totally understand.

It’s NEVER butter!

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And sometimes it’s not even salsa.

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WTF is that? Quinoa? Where is the freakin’ butter or fake butter, that’s what I wanna know?

Frijoles taste NOTHING like burgers and fries.

You had an antojo for Mickey D’s, but you end up with a big bowl of frijoles AGAIN. I swear it feels like child abuse at the time.

Uh, we’re the OG hard core carpoolers.

We should get some kind of an award for being so environmentally conscious, qué no?

When mamá is headed home you get all Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon with the cleaning.

My life!! ?? @whoisseanmac #hatemesses #clean #boring #chores #speedcleaning

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DAYUM, it’s amazing how quickly you can go from flojo to cleaning ninja when you hear your mami pull up.

No, don’t call CPS, this is totally normal.


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Mexican babies are allowed to drink beer. Supposedly it helps them not be drunks or something later.

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Little girls today don’t even know.

For real tho! ??? amaaaaa why!?? #mexicanproblems

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Mira nomas, the little girls of today get to look all stylish, but some of us had to grow up wearing dresses that made us look like fancy piñatas.

Some things are deal breakers.

Ain’t no Mexican got time to marry someone who can’t dance corridos. Love is blind, but it’s not deaf and rhythm-less too.

This is just cruel.

It’s one thing to put up a sign for trick or treaters saying there is no candy, but this one is a straight up lie. If you look in the corner you can see there is mazapán. MENTIROSOS!!!

Sandia done right.

Late night snacky snack!? #snack #sandiaconchile #mexicanproblems

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Can you believe there are people in the world who eat watermelon without chile? The horror!

Que duvet, ni que nada.

Why spend so much money on a down comforter to keep you warm when all you need is a Mexican cobija preferably with a tiger or lion on it?

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Nobody wants to be like the top tortilla.

YES WE DID. ??????

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Sure you look as good as the rest, but guacala. I mean, not to be a tortilla shamer and all, but that’s just how the sayin’ goes.

Churros before viejos burros.

☝?️tbh ? #Latinas #Churros #Bae #TrueLove #LatinasBeLike

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No explanation needed! Churros before burros EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Can a person eat tacos in peace?!

Me today…

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Don’t judge me on how many tacos I order. Sometimes I order three, but right now I want more, back off and get your own damn tacos.

Molcajetes make it better.

Meet the original food processor, no electricity or batteries needed. Again, see how eco-conscious we are?

One family’s mole today…

#DonaMariaMole #Mole #DrinkingGlass #LoL

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…is the same family’s vaso tomorrow. Upcycle!

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I´ll make out with your friends
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