Latinos Have the Worst Habit of Keeping All this Sh*t in their Front Yard

We, Latinos, are some crafty mothas… Some call our front lawn decor lazy, we call it practical feng shui.

Your old play house from 15 years old is still in the same spot.

There’s enough furniture to start your own pop-up barber shop.

There’s always a random couch calling your name.

A Latino yard is not complete without a statue of La Virgen.

Or little animal statues.

Credit: @zeppy_garden / Twitter

It’s like a farm, only the animals don’t move…but it’s still as dangerous to walk through.

Or real chickens. Especially if you are a Cuban living in Miami.

Credit: @Ishannon101 / Twitter

Because they’re much cooler to look at than basic, everyday labs.

Hammock, because that’s what trees are for.


The special roses that nobody knows what they are for.


And, no matter what time of year, there is a nativity scene right out front.


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