People Were Not Expecting To See This Life-Like Hologram Of Jenni Rivera At A Día De Los Muertos Fest

Jenni Rivera fans were in for a real treat at the 17th annual Day of the Dead festival held Saturday at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Hollywood, Calif.

The event promised a tribute to the late Mexican-American songstress, but never in a million years did fans expect a Jenni hologram to appear on stage.

Four years after her tragic death, la Diva de la Banda stood on stage dressed in an orange jumpsuit, booties and hat, stunning the crowd as the hologram performed “Cuando muere una dama.”

The experience was one for the books.

Credit: Facebook

“I got major goosebumps,” said Cynthia Garcia to mitú.  “I immediately got flashbacks prior the curtain drop as I attended her concert a year before her passing in Tepatitlán Jalisco, Mexico. She was amazing. I’m not that fan who displays an array of emotions, but I did notice my eyes water.”

Some fans were skeptical about holograms, but it was hard to deny this one looked exactly like Jenni.

credit: YouTube / @OrlandoNaranjo via giphy

“If it weren’t for the minor light glitches mid-performance, I would have thought I was day dreaming,” García told mitú. “I never witnessed a hologram in real time and was cynical of them but it felt so so real until reality hit when the lights went on and poof she disappeared on us.”


Watch the entire performance below:

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