Just Because El Chapo’s Threat to ISIS Was Fake Does it Make These Tweets Any Less True?

In these dark days, people are DESPERATE for a beacon of hope. So desperate people even endorsed the infamous Mexican drug kingpin Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán to take down ISIS. Sadly, the people were let down this time.

It all started when an obscure blog posted this story claiming to have gotten the information from a Mexican blogger.

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Credit: cartelblog.com

“It turns out a Mexican blogger leaked the message after it was sent email encrypted directly to the Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, a prominent ISIS leader. The blogger has intimate ties with actual Sinaloa cartel members, so it looks as if the warning is indeed legit,” reads the opening paragraph of the blog post.

And it didn’t take long for people to celebrate the news.

Just think about what a Chapo presidency would look like.

A lot of people recognized El Chapo’s unmatched huevos.


It isn’t every day that a drug kingpin takes on the top terrorist threat in the world.

People were preparing themselves for an epic show down of brute strength.

Honestly, this is probably the reaction everyone had when they first heard about El Chapo’s threat on ISIS.

For a brief moment, El Chapo was becoming the unexpected and much-needed savior of the people.

Maybe El Chapo could get some tips on how to handle ISIS from Batman. Seems like a legit strategy IMHO.

He was on his way to becoming the action movie star.

Eat your heart out, Jason Statham.

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Others, like MMA fighter Tim Kennedy, were ready to enlist in El Chapo’s anti-ISIS army.

And good ole Tim would most likely be able to snap the opposing army in half. Have you even seen his arms?

A few people saw this as an opportunity to advance their careers in an unstable economy.


I mean, a job is a job and mami would be proud to know you found a steady, good paying job. Not to mention, it’d make for a great bullet point on your résumé.

A silent minority finally found their voice to give El Chapo some public support.

That hashtag tho… Yassss!

Things got a little weird here for a minute.

But, like, can you blame him?

There were doubters, like Spencer Pratt. Yeah, THE Spencer Pratt.

And oddly, he was an unexpected voice of reason in this crazy world we call Twitter.

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 10.39.09 AM
Credit: dailymail.co.uk

Thanks a lot, Daily Mail. Why can’t you just let everybody have fun?

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*sips tea* ? ☕️

Some people were devastated about the news being a hoax.

And others were just plain disappointed that the fight was off.

The real question: Were you #teamsuvs or #teampickuptrucks? Be careful how you answer.

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