Ridiculous Things that Only Happen at Latino Funerals

We Latinos know how to throw a good party. We’re talking a part-ay with live music heard two blocks away, enough alcohol for the entire neighborhood and food to last till Christmas. Yup, this is how we lay souls to rest…

Music Loud Enough to Wake Up the Dead

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We’ve taken the lyrics to Antonio Aguilar’s “Que me entierren con la banda” so literally we bury their loved ones with banda mariachis, trios y grupos norteños. ?El día que yo me muera?

Heart-wrenching, Tear-provoking Songs

Before playing the lively, happy songs the deceased loved, bands make sure to hit you with heart-wrenching melodies that get everything out of you like…

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…because you weren’t already sad enough.

Coordinated Outfits


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If you’re at a funeral and you don’t remember what the person looked like, not to worry. Everyone wears matching t-shirts with their picture, name, a cross, a rosary… etc.
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The Wake

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A wake is like a viewing, BUT we sometimes house the deceased at home, in their coffin, ALL NIGHT LONG. Yes, you hear all the tías sobbing and praying the rosary for 24 hours. Super creepy.

Honking Caravan Parade

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Because honking parade is necessary so everyone knows what you’re are suffering.

…Or Processions


If you’re in Latin America, forget about the honking caravan, you’ll be walking, singing and chillando to the cemetery. Consider it a high honor if you get to carry the coffin during the procession.

Food for the Dead

You want the soul – and stomach – of the dead to be happy.  Sweet bread, fruit, candy… anything and everything they loved. This tradition will continue on the Day of the Dead.

Massive Flower Wreaths

Flowers are nice, but not nice enough to honor the dead. At our funerals we go big.

RIP Tattoos

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Loved ones are also commemorated with an RIP tattoo or their name graffitied on a car. Either way, we send off our loved ones in a very special way.

What traditions do you celebrate at funerals? Let us know in the comments below and click the share button to share this on your feed.

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