Latina Moms are the Biggest Hypocrites

Ma we love you, but you’re kind of the biggest hypocrite ever.

Rule: Don’t Get Tattoos

Yet she has her eyebrows tatted. And encourages you to do the the same. How does that not count as a tattoo?

Rule: No Bailes Así

Credit: @alizat206 / Instagram

She doesn’t want you to twerk, but she be dancing all sexy in her zumba class.

Rule: Don’t Watch R-Rated Movies


Credit: Lo Que La Vida Me Robó / Televisa / overdosedeamor / Tumblr

She wants you protect you from anything explicit, but she has no problem watching this during family TV hour. It’s borderline porn.

Rule: No Seas Mal Hablado

Credit: Modern Family / ABC / tvshowsnopsd / Tumblr

Yes every other word that comes out of her mouth starts with chin and ends with gado.

Rule: Go on a Diet, You’re a Little Chubby

Credit: whatshouldwecallpercussion / Tumblr

But then they want you to finish everything that’s on your plate -_-.

Rule: Don’t Use God’s Name in Vain

Credit: memexico / Tumblr


Rule: Don’t Fight with Your Sister

Credit: clarinett / Tumblr

But she hasn’t spoken to your tía since 1973.

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