Over 100K People Sang “El Rey” Drunk With Vicente One Final Time

This weekend, many said goodbye to one of the greatest performers to ever live – and we don’t mean Kobe.

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We mean our king, the great, el inigualable, Vicente Fernández.

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The legend gave his last concert at El Estadio Azteca, which seats close to 100k.

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You best believe every seat in the house was taken.

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Before the show started, other iconic singers of our times gave Chente a small tribute.

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Then, the king stepped out.

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And everyone lost it, rightfully so.

That stage tho… built for royalty.

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In classic Chente style, he threw back a few shots before each song.

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If you’ve been to his concerts, you know it’s tradition.

He sang all his major hits, including this one that gets the tears flowing.

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But one of the best moments was when Alejandro joined.

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So many emotions.

They killed it, obviously.

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All 100k attendees sang with him when he started belting this one out.

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It was probably one of the most anticipated songs, tbh.

After his last time to ever sing “El Rey” in front of an audience, the stage exploded in celebration.

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Is anyone else tearing up? ?

This was a show of a lifetime for many.

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Because not even Kobe’s 60-point game tops this for a Vicente fan.

After an almost 50-year career, this is how our king said goodbye.

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Don’t goooooooo.

He followed the concert with a heartfelt message on Twitter.

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All we can say is thank you, king. We’re eternally grateful.

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And long live the king.

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