Only Latinos Will Recognize These Costumes

Televisa / Telemundo

This Halloween, don’t buy the same polyester costume as everyone else. If you need a hint of inspiration, we’ve got eight simple DIY telenovela costume ideas that will make a statement. You’re welcome.

Paola Bracho in “La Usurpadora”

credit: Televisa / mitú edit

We hate to admit it, but Gaby Spanic as Paola Bracho was one of our favorite telenovela villains of the ’90s. She was so. damn. evil.


  • Long, red dress
  • Short brunette wig with bangs
  • Red lipstick
  • Wheelchair is a plus!
  • An evil and arrogant attitude

Aurelio Casillas in “El Señor de los Cielos”

credit: Telemundo / mitú edit

If we binge-watch “El Señor de los Cielos” all the time, we might as well dress up as Mexican drug lord Aurelio Casillas portrayed by Rafael Amaya.


  • Charro shirt
  • Belt with HUGE belt buckle (the more bling, the better)
  • Cowboy hat
  • Cowboy boots
  • The “you can’t mess with me” kind of attitude

Soraya Montenegro in “María la del Barrio”

credit: Televisa / MiTú edit

Soraya Montenegro is the villain of all villains! How can we NOT love her?! Recreating this iconic character will have you [slaying in Spanish] this Halloween!


  • Short, dark brown wig
  • Sunglasses
  • Lots of weapons: toy gun, scissors, even a tarantula
  • Scarf to go undercover
  • An obnoxious and evil laugh
  • Resting bitch face

Juan Daniel Villegas in “Dos Mujeres, Un Camino”

Dos Mujeres
credit: Televisa / mitú edit

Erik Estrada as “Johnny” in “Dos Mujeres, Un Camino” was quite the ladies man, nabbing the hearts of leading ladies Laura Leon and Bibi Gaytan in this iconic ’90s telenovela.


  • Jeans
  • White tee
  • Super tight black vest or sleeveless button shirt
  • Gold pinky rings
  • A motorcycle or truck would be perf!
  • Bonus: aviators

María Hernández in “María la del Barrio”

credit: Televisa / mitú edit

Out of the three María’s portrayed by Thalia, this one’s our go-to. It’s just so easy to put together.


  • Black dress
  • High-knee black socks
  • Lavender, ripped leggings
  • Olive, knitted gloves
  • Trash bag
  • Kudos if you design the black “crown”

Pedro in “Pedro El Escamoso”

credit: Caracol TV / mitú edit

Honestly, who doesn’t love Pedro El Escamoso? He’s so charming!


  • Colorful, flashy shirt
  • Light denim “mom” jeans
  • Curly hair styled in a mullet
  • Be extra cheesy, but have swag at the same time
  • Learn El Pirulino dance, here

Marisol in “Marisol”

credit: Televisa / mitú edit

Let us not forget that because of this telenovela’s opening theme most of us discovered and fell in love with Enrique Iglesias!


  • Floral summer dress
  • Basket with flowers (sunflowers preferably)
  • Blonde wig with braided pigtails
  • Scar on the right side of your face
  • A speaker playing the novela’s opening theme: “Por Amarte” by Enrique Iglesias

Chayanne in “Volver a Empezar”

credit: Televisa / MiTú edit

Chayanne starring as himself in “Volver a Empezar” was our first, real man crush. Just look at him! It’s been 16 years since it last aired and we’re still kind of jelly of Yuri.


  • Floral speedo
  • Black, layered hair
  • Learn Chayanne’s “Atado a tu Amor”
  • *Lots* of sex appeal

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What other telenovela character would you include in this list? Tell us in the comments below and share with your friends for some Halloween inspiration!

Many Of Us Grew Up Watching Her On TV, Now Edith González Has Died After Battle With Cancer


Many Of Us Grew Up Watching Her On TV, Now Edith González Has Died After Battle With Cancer

While fans hoped the rumors of her death that swirled on Thursday morning were false (it wouldn’t be the first time a fake death started trending on Twitter), beloved Mexican actress Edith González, who famously battled cancer, has died.

Mexican journalist Mara Patricia Castañeda confirmed the news about the telenovela star’s death at the age of 54.

Credit: @Rawamedia / Twitter

Mara Patricia gave a few details about Edith’s tragic loss, revealing in a telephone interview with Televisa morning show ‘HOY’ that the star had passed away in the early hours of Thursday morning at the Ángeles Interlomas hospital in Mexico City. She said that actress Leticia Calderón, one of Edith’s closest friends, was the person who confirmed the information first hand and asked that Mara be the one to break the devastating news.

No cause of death has yet been confirmed, but it is speculated that it is related to ovarian cancer with which she was diagnosed in 2016.

The National Association of Actors, to which many of the actress’ friends belong, would like her to lie in state at the Jorge Negrete Theater located in the Mexican capital.

In 2017, Edith graced the cover of HOLA! Mexico to say “I am not a warrior, I am a lover of life.”

Credit: holamx / Instagram

She took to the cover with her husband Lorenzo Lazo and said she was living, not fighting, as she faced her illness.

Following her cancer diagnosis, Gonzalez confirmed that she underwent various surgeries to have her lymph nodes, ovaries and uterus removed. In a 2019 interview on “Un Nuevo Dia,” Gonzalez said that her father, who suffered from cancer, had been her inspiration. Gonzalez said in the interview, “I said to myself: if my father can, I can.”

Her devasting death comes after a long and illustrious career in Mexican television.

Credit: rebelley / Instagram

Gonzalez was born in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, in the northern part of Mexico on December 10, 1964. Gonzalez’s father, Efrain, was an accountant, her mother was a stay-at-home mom.

Gonzalez first got the acting bug in childhood when she was cast in “El Rey los Gorilas” in 1976 at the age of 10, according to an online bio.

During her storied career, Gonzalez was seen on the Televisa, Telemundo and TV Azteca networks. During her time with Azteca, which began in 2010, Gonzalez was seen in the telenovela, “Cielo Rojo,” and the reality show, “The Academy.” Gonzalez prior reality TV experience saw her appear as a judge on the show, “Dancing for a Dream.”

But she’s perhaps best known for her roles in “Corazón Salvaje”, which is known as one of the most memorable and sucessful telenovelas of all time. She also had leading roles in “Nunca te olvidaré”, “Salomé”, and “Doña Bárbara.”

News of Salomé’s death was met with emotional reactions all across Mexico.

Even the hosts of Mexico’s “Programa Hoy”, were feeling extremely emotional as they confirmed the news on this morning’s program.

The outpouring of grief has been huge, especially with Latinos in Mexico and the US.

Credit: @LightRhyder / Twitter

She was a very visible woman in the homes of millions of Mexicans and Latinos in the US. Losing someone who you grew up with, even if only on the TV, has left many mourners in shock.

Many remembered her for her roles which portrayed her as a strong, powerful woman.

Credit: @ccplus / Twitter

From “Corazón Salvaje” to “Salomé” and “Doña Bárbara,” Edith González was known to take on roles that let her shine as the powerful, strong woman she was in real life.

Others took to Twitter to share their memories of the actress and how important she was to their families.

Credit: @Drea2day / Twitter

Like for real though, how many of us would spend afternoons with our families watching her on the TV?! She was iconic.

Many noted how they grew up watching Edith Gonzalez with their abuelas, tias, and mamis.

Credit: @realbenmedano / Twitter

“Salomé” had to be my abuela’s favorite TV show ever.

For some, her telenovelas were many people’s introduction to the genre.

Credit: @gabresto / Twitter

“Corazón Salvaje” remains to this day one of the most successful and memorable telenovelas in history. So it makes sense that many people knew her first from this iconic role.

Her death has been mourned by people all around the world.

Credit: @shintawg / Twitter

Apparently, telenovelas know no borders as one user tweeted how she knew Edith from watching “Nunca te olvidaré” across the world in Indonesia.

Descansa en paz, Edith González!

Credit: @programa_hoy / Twitter

Translation: I am still in shock. Edith González was one of those women that inspired many with her struggle, her talent, and her beauty – always with a smile. I will admire her always. I send a so much love and strength to her daughter, husband, and family. Fly high beautiful!

Pick Your PokéSquad And We Will Match You With The Novela Villain You Are Clearly Meant To Be


Pick Your PokéSquad And We Will Match You With The Novela Villain You Are Clearly Meant To Be

Televisa / Pokémon Company

Pokémon has a special place in the hearts of millions around the world. Even the most evil of people can’t help but love the little pocket monsters they grew up with. We can only assume that that goes for the novela villains that have haunted our dreams since we first saw them on tv. If you’ve ever wondered what novela villain you are meant to be, this quiz will use Pokémon to show you.

Pick Your PokéSquad And We Will Match You With The Novela Villain You Are Clearly Meant To Be

Just like you, your Pokémon have to keep up appearances. We aren't talking about just looking beautiful, but also being a tough opponent for whoever crosses your path. Obviously, you have some strong Teresa vibes and your Pokémon picks prove it.
Catalina Creel

You are all about the hidden strengths and surprises. That's why you picked the Pokémon that have so much more to them than you first see. Sure, they are all pretty powerful when trained right but their evolutions and continued strength proves that you are Catalina Creel.
Soraya Montenegro

Sweet, innocent, and full of venom. There is something so terrifying about someone, or somePokémon, who possess all three in equal parts. You and your PokéSquad are part of that impressively terrifying team. Congrats, Soraya. You know your Pokémon.
Olimpia Mercouri

You keep things classic and kind in most situations. At least, that's what you want them to think. In a matter of seconds, you can turn on those around you and make them all regret crossing you. We won't be messing with you or your fierce PokéSquad.

Share your Results:

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