Only Latinos Will Recognize These Costumes

This Halloween, don’t buy the same polyester costume as everyone else. If you need a hint of inspiration, we’ve got eight simple DIY telenovela costume ideas that will make a statement. You’re welcome.

Paola Bracho in “La Usurpadora”

credit: Televisa / mitú edit

We hate to admit it, but Gaby Spanic as Paola Bracho was one of our favorite telenovela villains of the ’90s. She was so. damn. evil.


  • Long, red dress
  • Short brunette wig with bangs
  • Red lipstick
  • Wheelchair is a plus!
  • An evil and arrogant attitude

Aurelio Casillas in “El Señor de los Cielos”

credit: Telemundo / mitú edit

If we binge-watch “El Señor de los Cielos” all the time, we might as well dress up as Mexican drug lord Aurelio Casillas portrayed by Rafael Amaya.


  • Charro shirt
  • Belt with HUGE belt buckle (the more bling, the better)
  • Cowboy hat
  • Cowboy boots
  • The “you can’t mess with me” kind of attitude

Soraya Montenegro in “María la del Barrio”

credit: Televisa / MiTú edit

Soraya Montenegro is the villain of all villains! How can we NOT love her?! Recreating this iconic character will have you [slaying in Spanish] this Halloween!


  • Short, dark brown wig
  • Sunglasses
  • Lots of weapons: toy gun, scissors, even a tarantula
  • Scarf to go undercover
  • An obnoxious and evil laugh
  • Resting bitch face

Juan Daniel Villegas in “Dos Mujeres, Un Camino”

credit: Televisa / mitú edit

Erik Estrada as “Johnny” in “Dos Mujeres, Un Camino” was quite the ladies man, nabbing the hearts of leading ladies Laura Leon and Bibi Gaytan in this iconic ’90s telenovela.


  • Jeans
  • White tee
  • Super tight black vest or sleeveless button shirt
  • Gold pinky rings
  • A motorcycle or truck would be perf!
  • Bonus: aviators

María Hernández in “María la del Barrio”

credit: Televisa / mitú edit

Out of the three María’s portrayed by Thalia, this one’s our go-to. It’s just so easy to put together.


  • Black dress
  • High-knee black socks
  • Lavender, ripped leggings
  • Olive, knitted gloves
  • Trash bag
  • Kudos if you design the black “crown”

Pedro in “Pedro El Escamoso”

credit: Caracol TV / mitú edit

Honestly, who doesn’t love Pedro El Escamoso? He’s so charming!


  • Colorful, flashy shirt
  • Light denim “mom” jeans
  • Curly hair styled in a mullet
  • Be extra cheesy, but have swag at the same time
  • Learn El Pirulino dance, here

Marisol in “Marisol”

credit: Televisa / mitú edit

Let us not forget that because of this telenovela’s opening theme most of us discovered and fell in love with Enrique Iglesias!


  • Floral summer dress
  • Basket with flowers (sunflowers preferably)
  • Blonde wig with braided pigtails
  • Scar on the right side of your face
  • A speaker playing the novela’s opening theme: “Por Amarte” by Enrique Iglesias

Chayanne in “Volver a Empezar”

credit: Televisa / MiTú edit

Chayanne starring as himself in “Volver a Empezar” was our first, real man crush. Just look at him! It’s been 16 years since it last aired and we’re still kind of jelly of Yuri.


  • Floral speedo
  • Black, layered hair
  • Learn Chayanne’s “Atado a tu Amor”
  • *Lots* of sex appeal

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What other telenovela character would you include in this list? Tell us in the comments below and share with your friends for some Halloween inspiration!

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Here’s What We Know So Far About The ‘Rebelde’ Reboot Coming To Netflix


Here’s What We Know So Far About The ‘Rebelde’ Reboot Coming To Netflix

Nostalgia has a way of taking us right back to who we were when we saw and heard some of our favorite things. “Rebelde” is definitely one of the top nostalgic moments in most Latino childhoods. Well, get ready because Netflix is bringing “Rebelde” back so you can dive back into the stories that will forever hold a special place in your heart.

“Rebelde” is coming back and this is definitely not a drill.

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After years of being off the air, the historic and iconic show “Rebelde” is back and people cannot wait. The original cast has been good at keeping our love for them alive as they toured and created music. Most recently, RBD, the surviving band of original Rebelde members, dropped a new single to make the pandemic a little more tolerable.

We already know who is reprising their role in the reboot.

Celina Ferrer, played by Estefanía Villarreal, is coming back as the principal of the school. The official announcement letter was signed by the Elite Way School alumna.

“EWS is renowned for the excellence of its illustrious student body, young people ready to dazzle the world. In these halls, we have shaped icons who have gone on to entertain millions with their talent, and our classrooms have turned students into stars, ready for the big stage,” reads the letter. “Today, our Board of Directors is proud to present the next generation of young people who will become part of our prestigious institution in the upcoming 2022 school year. We welcome our future students Azul Guatia, Sergio Mayer Mori, Andrea Chaparro, Jeronimo Cantillo, Franco Masini, Lixeth Selene, Alejandro Puente, and Giovanna Grigio, who have been selected from an impressive list of applicants. The new students will start wearing the EWS uniform during orientation, which will start on March 1 of this year, thus preparing themselves for the upcoming 2022 school year at this institution, always committed to educating the leaders of tomorrow.”

Here’s a quick look at the new class.

Azul Guaita

Guaita is best known for her impressive TikTok account. She also starred in telenovelas ‘Mi marrido tiene familia” and “Soltero con hijas.” The 19-year-old Mexican actress has garnered more than 2 million followers on TikTok.

Sergio Mayer Mori

Mayer Mori is son of Mexican actor and producer Sergio Mayer and Uruguayan-born Mexican actress, model, producer and writer Bárbara Mori Ochoa. The young actor was in “Un padre no tan padre” in 2016.

Andrea Chaparro

Andrea is the daughter of famed Mexican actor Omar Chapparo. Hopefully the actress brings her unapologetic grunge vibes to the set in her role.

Jeronimo Cantillo

Cantillo is best known for his role in Verdad Oculta and Los Morales as well as his reggaeton music. The actor is bringing his award nominated acting chops and musical stylings to the highly anticipated Netflix reboot.

Franco Masini

Masini is one of the biggest names attached to the new “Rebelde” reboot. With several projects under his belt and more than 1 million Instagram followers, Masini is definitely bringing a large following to the Netflix show.

Lizeth Selene

Selene has made a name for herself as a musician and model. It is pretty impressive that her first acting job is going to be as part of the newest Rebelde class.

Alejandro Puente

Puente is an actor, writer, and director with a lot of success in Mexico. He is best known for his role as Todd Anderson in the Mexican stage adaptation of “Dead Poets Society.” He also stars in “El Club,” a crime drama television show in Mexico.

Giovanna Grigio

Grigio comes to the Elite Way School with 6 million Instagram followers and a lot of experience. The Brazilian actress has starred in several television shows and movies and will definitely bring some strong talent to the show.

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Vanessa Bryant And Her Daughters Win Halloween With These Incredible Costumes


Vanessa Bryant And Her Daughters Win Halloween With These Incredible Costumes

Life goes on.

Over nine months have passed since basketball great Kobe Bryant lost his life alongside his daughter Gigi and seven others in a helicopter crash in Calabasas, California.

In the months since his death, fans have paid tribute to the former shooting guard who left behind three other daughters and his wife Vanessa and watched as his family has slowly attempted to pick up the pieces of their lives without them. Since then, they’ve celebrated holidays and their own birthdays. But holidays like Halloween present unique challenges, since they’re so focused on family.

However, leave it to Vanessa Bryant to show us what true resilience looks like. Over the weekend, she and her family celebrated Halloween in the best way possible and we’re living for their joy.

It’s official: they win Halloween!

Although it’s been a turbulent year – to say the least – for the Bryant family, Vanessa once again showed us all just how powerful and resilient she is by putting together an adorable family photoshoot to celebrate Halloween. Even though it’s the first Halloween without Kobe and Gianna Bryant, the family were all smiles.

Together as a family, they did a double photoshoot for Halloween this year that featured two sets of matching costumes between Vanessa and the three girls – the themes being Madeline (the beloved and popular children’s book series) and a Halloween classic, Star Wars.

The get-together seemed like a pretty joyous event, but of course the shadow of Kobe and Gigi still loom large, which makes the shoot pretty heart-breaking at the same time. Like we mentioned, this marks the first Halloween without them around — and yet, the Bryants carried on with the family tradition of dressing up like champs.

For their Matilda photoshoot, the family pulled out all the stops.

Credit: @Phil_Lewis_ / Twitter

So many of us grew up reading and watching Matilda, so this is an awesome idea for a Halloween costume. For their adorable photoshoot, Mama Bryant dressed up as the boarding school teacher, Miss Clavel, while Natalia and her baby sisters, Bianka and Capri, donned the traditional uniform of Madeline and her classmates, from the house in Paris covered in vines.

Needless to say, they look incredible, almost like they were torn right out of the page. It’s crazy, because this is actually more realistic and faithful to the illustrations than the live action movie from the ’90s.

Their Star Wars shoot was a total blast to the past.

Credit: nataliabryant / Instagram

For their take on Star Wars, the family channeled some of the film’s most popular characters. Vanessa was a shorter version of Darth Vader, Natalia was a much taller version of BB8 — and the two little ones were a Storm Trooper and an Ewok, respectively. These outfits were like the family-friendly ones you might find at a Target or something, which played well for the camera.

Of course, their Halloween celebrations were not the only touching and heartwarming firsts that they have had since the death of Kobe and Gianna.

Credit: vanessabryant / Instagram

On May 5, Vanessa celebrated her first birthday since the tragic deaths of her husband and daughter. She turned 38 years old.

In June, the family celebrated their youngest member, Capri’s first birthday. Vanessa penned a touching heartfelt tribute to celebrate the special day, which came five months after their loss. 

Vanessa has also tried to keep the memory of her loved ones alive with a heartfelt tattoo. In a post to her Instagram page, Bryant shared another video of herself. This time the video revealed that she was actively receiving a shoulder tattoo that is meant to honor her husband. 

“I wanted my boo boo’s @kobebryant sweet message transferred on me,” Bryant explained in the caption of the photo.

The year has been a turbulent one for the Bryants, and fans are delighted to see that they are healing and finding their own ways to be happy together.

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