Ok, How Do We Make This “Ambiguous Latina Actress Support Group” Real?

If you’re Latina, there’s a pretty damn good chance that someone at some point has told you that you don’t “look Latina.”  Luckily, there’s a support group for that. Well. Kinda. Ok, it’s just a comedy sketch, but still.

In the sketch, posted by Colombian-born actress Carolina Ravassa, the members of the ALAS (Ambiguous Latina Actress Support) Group vent about not getting roles as Latinas because they’ve been told they simply don’t look the part…

Whether they’re black…

Credit: Hispanglosaxon / YouTube


Credit: Hispanglosaxon / YouTube

Of Asian descent…

Credit: Hispanglosaxon / YouTube

…Or a gal in a blonde wig who just wants to join in on the bonding.

Credit: Hispanglosaxon / YouTube

Our only question is: where are the indigenous Latinas?! We barely get to see their faces or hear their stories in movies or on TV, either. (Oh, and when’s the next meeting?)

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