NYE Traditions that Seem Weird AF to Everyone Else but Latinos

These rituals only make sense to Latinos…

You eat 12 grapes at midnight.

You cram a dozen grapes down your throat to get good luck for the next dozen months.

You rock sexy red undies…

Red underwear

To guarantee you’ll be lucky in love in 2016.

You’ve got plata en mano.

money gif

Holding some silver coins or cash at midnight will make it rain in the new year.

You eat lentils like they’re going out of style.


Abuelita says eating lentejas will bring you prosperity in the new year. She also warns eating too much of this might make you go poop because of their fiber content. TMI, abuelita, TMI.

Your lover leading up to NYE is a broom.


‘Cause you wanna sweep out the old and start the year with new, positive energies.

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You clean your entire house from top to bottom…


Every corner and under each rug because you want to start the year off fresh.

You throw a bucket of water out the window.

bucket of water

It’s supposed to be like a refresher type of thing. Carful not to get someone wet accidentally…or on purpose.

You run around your home stashing your money.

hide money

This is so you find lots of money in the new year. It’s kind of like finding a $20 bill in your back pocket.

You run around the block with suitcases.


If you wanna travel in the new year, the secret is you run around the block at the stroke of 12.

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You turn on every light in your home.

Light switch

Why? Because you want a bright new year…DUH!

You stand on your right foot at medianoche.

right foot

Supposedly, if you start the new year off on your right foot, you pretty much start the new year off right.

You stand up and sit down three times in a row.


Nope, it’s not for the squat-like benefits — you do it if you want to get married in the coming year.

You turn into a pyromaniac.


You can call it brujería because if you burn lists or dolls — or anything really — you get rid of that bad juju from the last year.

You end the year with your chonies inside out.

Deeta von Teese

Then right after midnight you turn your panties put them right side out to get lots of new clothes in the new year. This could also be a sign that you had a really good NYE. Double win for you.

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A Woman Was Spying On Her Neighbors And Got Her Head Stuck In A Fence And I’d Like To Nominate Her For Sainthood


A Woman Was Spying On Her Neighbors And Got Her Head Stuck In A Fence And I’d Like To Nominate Her For Sainthood

mundoactualizate / Instagram

So how bad do you crave the chisme? Be real. I’m pretty sure I can speak for all of us when I say that pretty much everyone is down for gossip.

Like try and tell me you aren’t the person that peers down from their window when they hear an argument outside. Or that you aren’t the type that glances over at the phone of the person sitting next to you on the Metro.

Well one woman has taken that need for chisme to the next level.

In La Virginia, Colombia, a gossipy neighbor needed to know exactly what was going down in her vecina’s home. So this happened.

Credit: mundoactualizate / Instagram

Yup. She got herself, well her head really, stuck between the bars of the house she was trying to spy on. The woman remained stuck for five hours, five hours, until rescuers arrived to cut away the metal bars.

I mean we’re all down for gossip but you have to exercise caution when trying to get the tea.

Credit: @UltimaHora_hn / Twitter

Translation: “The supposed curiosity of a woman in Colombia nearly got her killed…”

Like I’m pretty sure nobody wants to get that kind of a headline written about them after going viral.

To be fair…we don’t know for sure if the woman was actually snooping but after going viral, social media was quick to jump to that conclusion.

And yes, some in the photo were definitely laughing at her.

Credit: Radio La Roca FM 103.9 / Facebook

I mean like if I was there I’d be laughing too.

One suggested the man laughing in the photo had to be her husband.

Credit: Radio La Roca FM 103.9 / Facebook

Translation: “Look how the husband shits with laughter”

Because only a husband could get away with laughing at this. And even that’s a stretch.

And now from Colombia to Honduras to the U.S., the woman has made international headlines.

But luckily for her, at least her face isn’t visible in any of the photos so la chimosa mas famosa remains anonymous. For now.

Making headlines isn’t exactly what you want to do when you set out to spy on your vecinos.

Translation: “If she wanted to go unnoticed, she didn’t succeed.”

Usually, you want to be as discreet as possible. It’s safe to say, this woman was not.

But many on Twitter had nothing but mad props to offer this hardcore chismosa.

As one Twitter user replied to a post about the woman by Remezcla, #Respect. You keep doing you just be more careful next time.

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This Coffee Shop Used A Quote About Mexicans And The Mexican Embassy Got Involved

no pos wow

This Coffee Shop Used A Quote About Mexicans And The Mexican Embassy Got Involved

@RodrigoArim1 / Twitter / The Hateful Eight / Double Feature Films

A café in Montevideo, Uruguay called Coffee Shop is taking some heat over an outdoor sign which was displayed in front of its door. The sign, which listed several items that were for sale, also featured the phrase “No dogs or Mexicans allowed!” The sign, captured in a photo by Twitter user @RodriguoArim1, has caused an uproar on social media. Some come to the restaurant’s defense and others are just plain offended. The restaurant owner claims it’s just a misunderstanding over a pop culture reference — but that hasn’t stopped the outrage.

A restaurant in Uruguay is facing some serious backlash for a street sign that read “No dogs or Mexicans allowed!”

“Unacceptable: coffee sign reads ‘No dogs or Mexicans allowed.’ This isn’t the USA, this is Pocitos,” @RodrigoArim1 wrote on Twitter referencing the neighborhood in Montevideo, Uruguay where you can find the restaurant. “American owner. Pure discrimination.”

Some people quickly replied to the tweet, explaining it was most likely a joke since the restaurant sells Mexican food.

“It’s in bad taste but it seems to only be a joke since they sell Mexican food,” @Videofanramon wrote on the Twitter thread.

And some even supported the business and their sense of humor.

“With how much I love Tarantino and the Mexican food, I am going there tomorrow,” @waltnest wrote. “It’s a bad joke but just a joke after all!”

Coffee Shop did make an official statement on their Facebook page calling the outrage nothing more than a “misunderstanding.”

No hay que ser odioso.

El furor que se generó en estos días por el contenido del cartel que tenemos en nuestra vereda,…

Posted by Coffee Shop on Saturday, April 8, 2017

“The furror (sic) over Coffee Shop’s last street sign tag is a big misunderstanding. No one at Coffee Shop has ever discriminated against a single person, ever,” reads the Coffee Post statement. They continued saying, “There has (sic) been many quotes worth knowing and occasionally we’re funny. In this particlar (sic) case, the phrase is taken from Quentin Taratino’s (sic) “The Hateful Eight” set in the mid 19th century. A highly entertaining fiction that is consistent with his other work. I reccomend (sic) that you put it on your list. It may have accidentaly (sic) insulted, but I´d never say a thing like that in earnest.”

Of course, telling people to calm down always goes over well and people decided to share their own humor with Coffee Shop.

Coffee Shop / Facebook

CREDIT: Coffee Shop / Facebook

“What great humor jajajaja. Chinga tu madre, look what great humor Mexicans have as well,” one Facebook commenter said.

But those who frequent Coffee Shop stood by the establishment.

Coffee Shop / Facebook

CREDIT: Coffee Shop / Facebook

The sign has gone so viral and offended Mexican nationals in Uruguay to the point that the Mexican Embassy in Uruguay issued the following statement.

En relación al cartel desplegado por el café Coffee Shop, remito a continuación el texto de la nota diplomática enviado…

Posted by Embajada de México en Uruguay on Monday, April 10, 2017

“The Embassy strictly disapproves and rejects the exhibition of a sign on the street that has offended and discriminated against Mexican nationals. In this sentiment, we appeal to the respect and solidarity that has always existed between Mexico and Uruguay and ask the honorable ministry to be the conduit to find out which branch of the Uruguayan government can respond legally to make this mentioned business stop promoting, immediately and definitively, the denigrating attitudes which are contrary to the values and principles of the Uruguayan society.”

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