#NotMyPresident Is Already Showing How Americans Feel About A Trump Presidency

It hasn’t even been 24 hours since Donald Trump was announced as the president-elect and people on Twitter are not having it. It isn’t because they just don’t want a Trump presidency. It’s because of the examples of hate crimes and rights-stripping that have already started to happen.

People are using #NotMyPresident to show the world just what a Donald Trump presidency will look like.

People are tweeting about emboldened racist actions and remarks being taken against people of color.

But the hashtag is also showing the world that some places in America are still loving and compassionate to all Americans.

Americans are coming together over the hashtag to offer love during a questioning time.

People. Are. Ashamed.

Some people are taking the election results as a sign of growing misogyny in the U.S.

They are D R A G G I N G   H I M !!!

This person is showing everyone how millennials voted. Spoiler: They. Don’t. Want. Trump.

The youth of America has spoken.

They are mobilizing people to protest the results of the election.

Major cities across the country — from Los Angeles to New York — are already experiencing protests.

People from other countries are showing support for Americans who feel victimized by the results.

If you ever wanted to know the emotional spectrum of an election, this hashtag is the perfect lens.

Take a deep breath, America. This is a country of the people by the people. We just need to make sure we make our voices heard in a calm and orderly way.

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